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    Royal Rumble 2012

    The Royal Rumble Pyro goes off, and JR, Jerry Lawler and Booker T welcome us to The Royal Rumble 2012, and the beginning of the Road To Wrestlemania 29! They hype up our Main Event as the most unique event inwrestling history! But first, we have our United States Title Match, whereDavid Otunga will take on the high flying Kofi Kingston!

    Kofi comes out to a decent sized pop. He is smiling and looks pumped up, ready for action.

    David Otunga comes out to huge boos. He poses on the ramp with his US Title, with fireworks erupting behind him. He points at Kofi, shouting abuse at him. Kofi returns his gesture with a smirk and motions thathe wants the belt!

    Match 1: US Title- David Otunga (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

    Finish: Kofi is flying all over the ring, and bounds off the ropes, and hits Otunga, who seemingly has no answer for Kofi’s unique style,with a flying forearm smash. He goes for a cover, but Otunga just kicks out ofit at 2. Kofi keeps it going and hits a huge DDT on Otunga. He sets him up...and hits the Boom Drop! He pumps up the crowd and motions for the end. He waits until Otunga struggles to his feet and goes for the Trouble In Paradise... but Otunga rolls out of the ring. He tries to run up the ramp, but Kofi catches up with him. They brawl on the stage and Kofi knocks Otunga down. He goes to the ring, dragging Otunga with him. However, he just misses on the refs count!Otunga retains!

    Winner: Double-Countout

    Otunga runs away, smirking and holding his Championship aloft. Kofi is in the ring, arguing with the referee. The commentators reflect on the fast paced match. JR and Booker agree that Kofi deserved this win, butLawler argues against this because Kofi never got the job done, and Otunga was just too smart for Kofi. JR calls Lawler an idiot, and moves on quickly.

    They now hype up the WWE Championship match, as one of the biggest moments in CMP unk’s career, and also The Rock’s

    We see Punk backstage with Josh Matthews, who asks him if he will crack under the pressure of this momentous match against The Rock. Punk says hell no! Punk says that is not what The Best Wrestler In The World does.That is what people like John Cena do, they choke like he did last year atMania, and how he choked on Raw, when he lost the World Title to him. Punk promises that after tonight, everyone will know why he’s the Champ and everyone, including Dwayne Johnson will respect him!

    We go back to ringside, where Ladders are set up all round the ring, and the World Heavyweight Championship hangs high above the ring. Thelights in the arena go out, and ‘Break The Walls’ comes on and the crowd pop big for their favourite and chooser of the stipulation, Chris Jericho. Lawler poses the question as to whether Y2J can finally win the big one?

    Next, Dolph Ziggler comes out to raucous boos. He ignores them and smirks as he stares up at The WHC, pointing to it, motioning that itwill be his!

    And finally, The Champion, The Viper, Randy Orton enters thearena to almost as loud cheers as Jericho. He looks up at his Championship, and he has that ferocious look in his eyes.

    Match 2: Ladder Match for The WHC- Randy Orton (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Finish: After an enthralling contest, with high flying manoeuvres and high-speed action for the whole match. Three ladders are in the ring, and two of those ladders are smaller, and on the higher ladder, Orton and Jerichoare slugging it out, mere inches from the belt. Jericho! Orton! Jericho! Orton! Back and forth they go, until Jericho gets on top, and finally uses the belt to whack Orton in the skull, and floors him to the ground. Jericho is absolutely done though, and cant quite reach the Championship. Ziggler takes advantage and climbs up the ladder quickly. He waits until he gets Jericho’s attention, and leaps off the slightly smaller Ladder to the main one, and hits a Zig Zag, 20 feet up in the air!!!! Both men go flying off the ladder, and Jericho whacks the back of his head on the canvas, and he is out of it completely. Ziggler himself is struggling on the ground. Orton is back in the ring, and is waitingfor Ziggler to get up. He finally does, and Orton hits a huge RKO!!!! He climbs up the ladder, and unhooks the Belt, and retains!!!

    Winner: Randy Orton

    The crowd are going berserk at that insane ending, and the Holy Shit chant goes up, and the commentators, even Booker, are speechless. Finally they regain their composure and go on about what an incredible match and what an incredible ending! JR says the WWE Universe will be talking about this for years to come. A true Holy Shit moment, says Lawler.

    We see a Rumble Promo video, talking about the numbers of the Rumble.

    The Rock joins Josh Matthews backstage. Before Josh can speak, the Rock interrupts, grabs the mic and announces that FINALLY! The Rock has come back to New York! The crowd pop big and the Rock goes on, ignoring Josh. He says that CM Punk, The Straight Edge Jackass better look at his shiny Championship real long, cause after tonight he will never see that spinner piece of crap again! Because after tonight, if and when The Rock wins the WWE Championship, he will walk up to Vince McMahon, slam that piece of monkey crap on the table and demand a new title! And CM Punk wants the Jabroni beating lalalau Pie Eating, trailblazing, eyebrow raising, Punk talks back and imma give him a slap Rock to give him respect. CM Punk has to earn The Rock’s respect. Andanyone who doesn’t respect The People’s Champ, doesn’t get respect from the People’s Champ. If YA SAMELLLLLLLLLL...............WHAT THE ROCK!

    We see a quick recap of the John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan feud, ending with Bryan warning Cena that he will tap!

    Daniel Bryan arrives out to a huge mixed reaction, with a lot of boos, but also a lot of cheers and Yes! Chants. He makes his way down the ramp, chanting YES! Every few seconds, and half the crowd chant Yes, the other half chant NO!

    After Bryan is in the ring, Cena’s music comes on and he gets his typical reaction, equally as huge as D.Bryan’s! He grins and soaks itall in, and salutes the crowd, and sprints to the ring. JR notes the big match atmosphere in tonight.

    Match 3: Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

    Finish: Bryan and Cena have an even encounter, which the crowd are really into. Bryan is on top for this time, and hits Cena with kicks to the leg and each time he connects, the crowd chant YES! He gets him to his knees,and connects with the skull, sending Cena to the floor. He covers him, but Cenajust kicks out at two! Bryan goes to the top rope, and looks to land the dropkick from there, but Cena moves out of the way, and Bryan lands hard. Cenahits two flying shoulder blocks, then a sitout hip toss, followed by a side release spinout slam. Some of the crowd chant 1!....2!...3!... after each move, for the five moves of doom. Cena sets up for the 5-KS, but Bryan rolls him upand grabs a handful of Cena’s shorts, and gets the three count!

    Winner: Bryan by pinfall

    After the match,Bryan rolls out of the ring, as Cena argues with the ref. From behind, Bryan hits Cena with a chair to the back. He locks in the Yes! Lock, and is pulled away by security. He leaves, a grin on his face.

    We go backstage, to where Heath Slater and Hornswoggle are arguing. Raw GM, Mick Foley arrives on the scene, and asks whatthe problem. Heath tells him that there is only one place left in the Rumble,and that its either him or Hornswoggle in the Rumble. Foley tells them to flip a coin. Heads its Heath, tails its Hornswoggle. The loser of the coin toss, gets fired! Heath gulps and flips the coin. It lands on heads, and Heath celebrates, while Hornswoggle is distraught, because he’s fired! As Foley consoles the leperauchan, Slater reveals it is a two headed coin!


    WWE Championship and Rumble Match will be up tommorow guys

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