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    Quote Originally Posted by HCollins-TNA1 View Post
    Issues as drug use, and etc is on 90 percent of the TV.... at least here in the USA....
    Watch daytime TV talk shows, Soaps, and night time TV such as crime shows.... I think the biggest problem is dictating the issues.... Esp in the case mention here drug addiction....

    IDK if you remember WWE did the story with Road Warrior Hawk and his demons of sorts....
    TNA kinda touched the Jeff Hardy issue when he returned last year..... but didn't go anything more deeper then the I'm Sorry and others forgiving.....
    I instantly thought of Hawk's storyline! Wasn't the guy that drugged up (kayfabe) that he once fell off the titantron..

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    HBK and McMahon had a little drug story if I can remember clearly, and then HBK chucked his piss at Vince...

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    I think there is a line and this would more than likely cross it.

    It would go against wrestling being a "sport" as it would highlight a performance enhancing drug, and diminish any actual testing policy, or send out the wrong message that this is what actually goes on.

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    Its called "The life and Career of Jeff Hardy"
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    Thats a good question i cant recall ever seeing one either! But i seriously dont think its a good idea to run one (Even TNA may have caught themselves they moved the angle away fom claire being a drug addict and more into AJ being a baby daddy lol).

    Anyone catch her saying you can add some more dates now when my baby is born i started laughing at that for some reason!

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    Hmm, I think that this is why I’m having such a problem with the Clair storyline. It’s ok to point out drug abuse outside the industry, and it seems likely that her addiction is going to be used to prolong this feud. But it’s too close to home to point out that wrestlers could become addicted too.

    I can totally understand why it would be risky. After Benoit, esp, any suggestion that wrestlers use any drugs, even aspirin, is a PR nightmare. WWE would be especially fearful in their PG position, plus the fact that more or less every top wrestler has been on their books at some point. TNA are in the luckier position in that most of their top talent appear (from the outside) to be clean. Angle and Hardy are questionable…

    Watch any Wrestling ‘documentary’ and there is a clear POV that all wrestlers are on steroids. That this is a problem that the industry ignores, and tries to shy away from whenever it is exposed.

    But if TNA were brave enough to show why drugs have been used by wrestlers in the past, and what that has cost them, then I think that even the moan stream media would have to take note. And told in the right manner, without glamorizing or demonizing it, I think that most fans would get behind it.

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    I enjoyed Billy Kidman's drug angle


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