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    Joey Ryan if interesting. Nick Hogan if not

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    Quote Originally Posted by YOUcanCALLmeCRACK View Post
    So TNA is teasing an interim GM tomorrow night for Impact. According to Bischoff it is going to get "very interesting." Who could it be? I am thinking with all the nostalgia we have had around wrestling lately we may get to see a legend.

    I doubt that TNA called up The Ultimate Warrior but that would be awesome. For some reason Jesse Ventura pop into my head too even though I know it is not likely. If anyone, my guess is that they did not appear on Monday Night.

    I'd go bat-shit if it is Shieky-baby.

    If it was Shiek, the IWC would shut down. So many haters and so many lovers. It would be epic, but everyone (thedag included) would hate on in, regardless if it was done well or not.

    Quote Originally Posted by FXK2I View Post
    Big poppa pump
    I seriously doubt it, but it would be pretty funny.

    My honest thought is that it won't be a big name that we're hoping for. I expect (especially with his tweet) Nash to be back in the position, unfortunately. I do think that it'd be a better name than Brooke Hogan, but seriously I hope it's not Nash. I would much rather it be a one-off with Tommy Dreamer or Raven. My favorite would be for Scott De'More to walk into the Impact Zone and completely shock everyone who has been a fan of TNA for a while. I would love it even more if he walked out with the Maple Leaf Muscle on his side... But then again, I don't get to do the writing. I just put in my two cents.

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    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

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    DRG hates everyone

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    My guess it will be brooke hogan as well with shitty segments of her trying to find out who attacked her dad.

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    It will be the person who will eventually revealed as the conspirator of "Deadmans hand" or whatever they are called (Aces and 8s?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedag View Post
    you all will be let down.
    Most likely but speculating is half the fun!

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    I'm going to say Bischoff or Brooke Hogan in all seriousness.

    But I'd personally love to see some old school guys like Raven or maybe even that Joey Ryan kid. I think that could be fun.

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    Jeff Jarrett, this will lead to his deadman's hand.

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    I would think Bischoff but obvious move is obvious. So going off of TNAs record of getting everyone excited (see THEM storyline) i will say its Sting.

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    Double J or Karen Jarrett in my opinion, if they are behind the attacks on Hogan and Sting it makes sense.

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    I want to say someone who has history in TNA..... Probably want be the biggest surprise..... but it will be great to see who-ever it is...
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