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    Big loss

    so velvet left tna .? do u guys thing that loosing her was a big loss in the knockouts div. i think she was hot like alot of ppl as well but she was also a damn good wrestler so was it a bad or good thing?
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    I have nothing to add to this topic. I just wanted to say that lita looks smoking hot in the top picture and anorexic in the bottom picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asherdelampyr View Post
    why should she care? It's not like you're sleeping with Velvet, otherwise you wouldn't need the magazine :P
    Pregnant hormonal woman + the thought of her man looking at another woman (who has fake tits and no baby bump) =

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    velvet sky while being super attractive isn't great in the ring. tna's womens division is actually good at wrestling and velvet sky wasn't one of the better in that division, while it will suck to lose eye candy let's be honest someone will pick up her slack and the world will move on.

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    The pigeons have been finally left loose.

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    What's next for Velvet Sky?

    Porn. Hopefully!

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    I will be 100% honest, I don't care, Sara Del Ray for the win.


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