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    Quote Originally Posted by Playboy Stevie V View Post
    The clue was Cole and Lawler saying punk has turned his back on the fans or something like that. He's a heel, but will still have his supporters. Punk wasnt like cena and had soccer moms and kids adoring him. He was anti establishment and teenagers and adults were his biggest supporters. Hes going to be better as a heel. Dirty tactics and antics now. He will still be cheered just like tonight. WWE stopped him from becoming stale with his title reign being so long. This gives him new angles and matches.

    See what I did there? No name calling cause people have different opinions.
    I totally agree with your entire premise.. the bolded text is awesome. everyone should have the right to their opinion if not there is no reason to right on these boards because either 1) we are all drones just repeating the same thing or 2) its just a bunch of nonsense insults because you can't respect others opinions. back on topic.. punk as a heel should excite every wrestling fan heels are funner to watch notice how most members of the iwc love heels IMO it's because even us well trained eyes of the iwc can't always predict what the heel is going to do to win

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    I think D-Bryan will actually win the WWE Championship and face the Rock at the Royal Rumble

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    Quote Originally Posted by tweedidldum View Post
    why do you all assume punk is heel now cause he confronted the allmighty ROCK. Grow the fuck up already...phhhttt!! this shit is way too predictable. Punk is the champion, just because he confronts the Rock and tells him look i will be the champ at Royal Rumble so you will face all of sudden he's a heel. He's not a heel you morons Rock wants the title so who ever is the champ at that time has to be a heel because they will face the Rock.

    Why can't the Rock be a heel facing Punk who is a top face in the wwe right now. Fucking clue in would ya!!!
    After Punk hit GTS on The Rock and walked out to the back, Jerry Lawler said 'Punk has turned his back
    on the entire Wwe universe' meaning he is now a heel

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    It was something..that was to be made.The E decided to turn Punk Heel right now,in my opinion,not because of The Rock,Neither Cena.It is just because of the "uncredibility" of the Raw Roster.
    I predicted Punk heel turn weeks ago,in the MITB Prediction thread,But I'm not going to say that I saw that coming tonight xD
    But Still,there are so many factors for Punk to turn Heel,and it is because he have to face "Faces" now.Especially when you're facing the Top player of the company,John Borena.
    8 MOnths of Being champion ; Punk defeated John Cena first ; Then he defeated Del Rio,The ADR and the Miz together,then got 3 mnths with Y2J,and another long Feud with Daniel Bryan.
    Now,Let's forget about John Cena.If the WWE woud've tried to find a new number one contender for punk to work with,Who will make it?
    Christian just lost the miz,So The two will have a feud.
    ADR is on Smackdown.and it would be Weird to switch him back to Punk after being beaten by him,which would make Punk reign a vicious circle repeating all over again.Same for Chris Jericho.
    Randy orton is suspended,and won't make it in time.
    Dolph ziggler is mister MITB.And he have to take on sheamus.And he is feuding with Jericho at this moment.
    Tensai is just...Tensai.
    Big Show alone can't have a match for the title at a big PPV like Summerslam against someone he decimated just a week ago.It would seems totally...BS..
    Cody rhodes is on a loosing streak.Can't become n;1 contender.
    Brodus Clay? I prefer Zack ryder fighting for the Title.Don't tell me to talk about Jack Swagger.
    The only remaining person is John Cena.The Lame Face of the company,which will never turn Heel again.
    So...Punk had to be the heel in this..When you're between the Rock and John Cena,how can you still stay a face? A Triple "face" threat Match?In a PG Show which,someday,will become a marvel Novel of Evil and Good fighting against Each Others?
    Meuh..This situation just show that the WWE lack main eventers..New fresh ones...
    Anyway,Punk as the heel is pure Gold.He's truly the Best in the world when he work as a Heel or a tweener.
    If only he pull of this next week,this should get more hype than his last summer pipebomb.

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    I knew Punk was going to turn heel because of how he acted in the match. Its as if he forgot he was face as he acted like a heel. The 2 key points that showed me this were:
    - When he mocked Cena's 'You can't see me' taunt in the corner
    - When he did the taunt to get Cena up for GTS he smirked as a heel would do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Callum View Post
    I knew Punk was going to turn heel because of how he acted in the match. Its as if he forgot he was face as he acted like a heel. The 2 key points that showed me this were:
    - When he mocked Cena's 'You can't see me' taunt in the corner
    - When he did the taunt to get Cena up for GTS he smirked as a heel would do
    i marked when i saw this happen and it was also the point i realised a heel turn was going to happen.
    Hoping now that hes turned heel he can revert back to his old killswitch engage music too
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post
    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick BoA View Post
    Punk is a terrible heel.
    CM Punk as a heel is the dogs bollocks! Just look at his stint as the "Straight Edge Saviour". He had great mic skills, brilliant in - ring work and was able to carry what was a sub - standard stable in the form of the "Straight Edge Society".

    CM Punk is not a heel, he is merely an aggressive face. The crowd have gone too far in their love of him for him to lose said love in the space of 5 minutes. If the WWE want him to be a heel, they're going to have to have him do something more drastic for him to make the whole transition.

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    The person who said that CM Punk turned heel to drop the belt to The Rock is correct more than likely. Punk drops the title, Cena vs. Rock is set up (though this is sickening because it will be obvious that Cena ends up winning), and somehow (probably through The Rock) Austin gets into a feud with Punk. I had pitched this theory in a different thread, but it supports these claims: CM Punk vs. The Rock Special guest referee of The Rock's choosing=Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin gets knocked down or something in the match, either pissing off Punk, or getting pissed at Punk. The two start jawing and Punk attacks Austin.

    Your Card for Wrestlemania:
    Cena/Rocky II WWE Championship match (the only way Rock wins is if we then get Ziggler cashing in on him)
    Battle of the Pipe Bombs=Austin vs. CM Punk
    Lesnar vs. 'Taker (See the "Are we gonna do this" video that was taken after a UFC fight where Undertaker got in Lesnar's face a bit.)
    Daniel Bryan vs. Jericho (Only logical choice for a non-title match.)
    Sheamus vs. Alberto del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan (This one I'm not real confident about.) World Heavyweight Championship

    This would be a shame a little bit because I would really love to see Austin vs. The Rock one more time...but that window is damn near closed.
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    The Rock, Punk, Cena, ...Stone Cold???

    How does anyone know, Punk turned heel, bc of The Rock, or Cena? Maybe, it's because, Stone Cold will return, and that's why. And who says, Punk will still be, WWE Champ, at the Rumble, to face Rock? I like Punk Face/Heel, but everyone hates on Rock, because he put movies 1st. Seems to me, someone IWC loves to death, Austin (Who I like too) did that tonight. Filming "Grown Ups 2", took precedent over Raw 1000. I'm not mad at Rock or Austin, I'm glad for them, but I'm only saying it, for those who hate on Rock. Where's Austin's ridicule? I doubt WWE, did NOT, try to, contact Austin. I know, they wanted him. So what, he just said NO? No, it's obvious, a movie held him up, or maybe Redneck Island (Season 2). But maybe, he's coming soon, and that's why Punk turned, because I don't think SS will be Rock/Punk, or the Rumble. I think SS will be, Cena/Punk, MITB Cash In. (News did say, they'd find a way, for Cena to keep MITB, after last night = Show's interference), and Cena will win, the WWE Title at SS, which Rock will win at RR, and Cena will reclaim, at WM 29. You might say, "They said 1 Time Only?" Did you forget WWE, tried to make everyone forget, Taker/HHH WM 17? Rock went over, so Cena, will get a turn.

    (In my opinions)
    1. SS will be when Cena really cashes in (News did say, they'd find a way, for him to keep it, after last night = Show's interference)
    2. SS will probably be: Cena vs Punk (MITB Cash In = Cena wins)
    3. Rock might not be there. Ifso, he may wrestle Show
    4. Austin's probably gonna come soon, as WWE knows, fans wanted him, and obviously something, got in the way tonight.
    5. Maybe that's really why Punk turned, bc I really think it'll be Cena/Punk (MITB at SS)

    PS: I like Punk, as a entertainer/wrestler, but overall, he's real cocky. I could handle cocky, but he's a Hypocrite, in so many ways. Hating on Chris Brown (who I do NOT like) for beating Rihanna, but praising Austin, who beat Debra, and giving the Hardys (Not defending them - It's an example) hell, for their poor choice drug habits, but publicly praising Scott Hall (who is also, a drug head/alcoholic). He just rubs me, the wrong way, outside, of his work. By the way, he is a great mic worker, but ANY pissed off wrestler, can get on a mic, and tell secrets, about how cutthroat the backstage is. Many do it, on Youtube shoots, because unlike Punk, they don't threaten to quit, unless they're given a green light, to bad mouth Vince, and his family, publicly, and NOT get fired.

    In closing: I'm gonna get bashed, the hell out of, and read them, and laugh, because it doesn't matter. Most of you, would praise WWE, if every Raw from now on, had ONLY talking/silly skits, and no wrestling, but I'm only telling things, from a different perspective. Now, I'm no pshychic, but if I'm wrong, and Punk did turn heel, because of Rock, who just comes in, and gets top matches/title shots, so what? Just shows, they NEED Rock, because creative, can't make anyone else, a BIG enough star, or they wouldn't need Rock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yes2J View Post
    Cena/Rocky II WWE Championship match (the only way Rock wins is if we then get Ziggler cashing in on him)
    Ziggler can only cash in on the World Heavyweight Championship, that's what his briefcase is for. So as much as I'd like to see Ziggler as WWE champion, it won't happen because of him cashing in the briefcase

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