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    Wrestlers who could get over in any era

    I noticed a discussion in another thread about the difference between wrestling now and then and whenever and I wanted to see who everyone thinks could make themselves work in any era while also sharing some of the people I think could.

    5. The Rock - 6'5" a gifted athlete, who could wrestle, brawl, talk, and looked like a force to be reckoned with, maybe would have slouched in the 60's-70's and his promos may not be PG friendly but he wouldn't be the worst for either of those eras.

    4. Bret Hart - The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. There is a reason he had that nickname, because he truly was, only thing he lacked was mic skills.

    3. Killer Kowalski - Talk about a total package, the man was a legit looking monster who was very intelligent and fluent on the mic with a menacing accent that honestly is quite scary. Not only that but a 6'8" man that could wrestle with the best of them.

    2. Antonino Rocco - If you want to see the 1960's equivelant of Kofi Kingston then look no further, a legit title contender with size, skills, looks, and can impress people with the ability to fly, his in ring style would wow crowds today if he was still active.

    1. Terry Funk - Look no further than a man who literally got over in multiple eras, he got over in the pure wrestling 70's, the over the top 80's, the hardcore/attitude 90's and if age wasn't an issue he undoubtedly could now, in fact he still wrestles for independent organizations and is a popular draw.


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