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    Who is the most over-rated/under-rated TNA wrestler/superstar?

    Have you ever read forums where you see huge praise for wrestlers/superstars on the roster. I mean huge praise like you think "he is good, but he isn't as great as you make him out to be". Is there any guy where you tell yourself that when reading blogs, forums, ect where a superstar/wrestler is getting huge praise? Share with us who you believe is the most over-rated wrestler/superstar and the most under-rated. Under-rated obviously means not getting the recognition he or she deserves. I suppose I'll start:

    Most over-rated: Daniels-Let us remind each other this isn't based on wrestling ability, mic skills or just 1 thing. It is based on the whole package of praise a wrestler receives. Daniels has been a thorn in AJ's side every year he returns to TNA. I'm an AJ fan, after the past couple of years I wonder why is he stuck with him? TNA obviously don't know how to use him, but every single time he returns he has to face AJ Styles. The current storyline where he has been facing Daniels has gone on for way too long. I'm sick of Daniels and their marks. I hate the storyline, the fact Daniels always has to ride AJs coattails, and I hate the fact Daniels can't keep a job with TNA without wrestling AJ. If you are as good as your marks claim you to should be able to work with more than one person. As a fan of AJ Styles, I'm tired of it with his stints. Hard to wonder if he would be able to even keep a job if AJ wasn't around. We are still stuck in 2005 for goodness sakes. It it time to move on.

    Most Under-rated: Magnus-I think if given the right push he could be a world champion in TNA one day. I believe he has that potential to be a world champion. Not given enough praise obviously, but he is sometimes not even on the show which does hurt you from time to time missing Impacts. I know the response I'll receive will be, Magnus can't booked on the show so he must not be good. Magnus can keep a job with TNA wrestling guys other than AJ Styles.

    This may clash nerves, but it is nice to speak out your opinion on this topic.

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