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    Quote Originally Posted by HCollins-TNA1 View Post
    It was 4 guys who attacked Hogan...
    6 who attacked Sting... I think it was different guys..
    You are right HC. If you rewatch the episode, you'll notice that the infamous "Luke Gallows" like character attacks in the back, but not Sting. The 4 that hit Hogan were not the ones who hit Sting. And as for the "Brooke coming in" comment, the set currently used for HH's office has 3 total doors on 3 different walls. The only solid wall is behind his desk. One set of Double doors is the front entrance, the other is a side entrance, and the single door appears to be the bathroom. You have several interesting theories TGO, but there are more "botches" in your theories than there actually were on the show. And yes, if it was real life, you'd walk with your friend to go to the fight... But then again, in real life you don't have a cool theme song and pyro's to walk up to the fight to...

    If you ask me, quit nitpicking angles before they even start trying to get some steam behind them. Everyone bitched about Parks/Bully when it started, and now it's one of the best parts of the show. Everyone complained about AJ/Daniels, but has it not produced quality matches? The acting sucks and the story is over the top, but at least they aren't telling 1 to 3 week stories as much in TNA. So many bitched about that and TNA gave you what you "claimed" you wanted. So at least give them a friggin CHANCE to tell a story longer than 2 weeks before you start ranting on just how bad you think it is... No wonder the WWE thinks we have 3 week attention spans... To quote the Hall of Famer, Ron Simmons... "DAMN!"

    Quote Originally Posted by akbar View Post
    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    DRG hates everyone

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