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    Quote Originally Posted by YOUcanCALLmeCRACK View Post
    Both sides are being greedy assholes. Always happens in these situations.
    Agree here both sides is at fault in their own ways... Wanting more or not wanting to give more....
    We all judge others even if it isn't our place to judge, but supposedly at the end we are all judged by one!!!
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    I have Digital Cable, so I fortunately didn't have to go through this ordeal. Good thing they agreed on something! Now a ton of people now have their iMPACT! Wrestling and Country Music back.
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    Actually, the blame falls on DirecTv. Viacom just wanted a bigger share of the profits, DirecTv's greed let this tiny problem get out of hand. Then, to save face, they tried to say Viacom wanted DTV customers to pay more,which was a lie. They could care less how much DTV customers pay a month.

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    It's either two ways...

    They are both in the wrong. Viacom wants more money from Direct TV because they think their product is better than it is and Direct TV is wrong because they want to keep costs as low as possible by screwing companies like Viacom out of money so they can have a bigger piece of market share.


    Viacom is right since they have been paying lower prices for such a long time. Now that they're channels are producing higher ratings they have earned the right to more $$$ and Direct TV has been offering quality service to companies such as Viacom for so long that they have earned a little loyalty from these companies in that if they are able to secure more of the market, they will be able to give companies like Viacom a higher pay out within the next couple of years.

    You can look at it from either perspective and be right. It's not completely Viacoms fault, nor is it all on Direct TV. However, I find it interesting that Impact was pushing their fans with Direct TV watching in other form (someones house, at the bar, via the net) to "switch providers now". This was basically throwing Direct TV under the bus (for the limited fan base of Impact viewers) and saying they aren't worth waiting for. It was a good move for Impact since they need the ratings NOW and not later. Direct TV and Viacom both kind of screwed Impact on this since it was the first Impact after Aries got the belt that Direct TV viewers couldn't watch... If anything, it gives Impact a little leverage in that what Spike has promised them in terms of how many house hold could potentially see Impact has now been comprimised. If Dixie has any brains in her, or any staff members worth a fuck, she would pull her lawyers into this situation to see if a negotiation could be made to "compensate" for this momentary breech in agreement. If they have lawyers worth anything, I could see them securing a Live broadcast deal with Spike, or at the least, a secondary show on Saturdays for 2 hours (take the hour of "pre-Impact" and move it, plus an extra hour from Spike) not live.

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