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Thread: Chavo in TNA.

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    Chavo in TNA.

    So Chavo Guerrero has signed for TNA, What does everyone make of this? Is he too old? Or will his experience be good for the roster?

    I'll admit I was never a fan, he was always a bit full of him self but if he comes with something different now then I'm very open minded and is willing to give him another chance. A feud with Zema Ion to put him over will be pretty sweet maybe...

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    TNA signs Chavo!

    For starters, I hope they use him well and hope they involve with the Aces and Eights (I think that is their name) group.


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    i hope he is used better aswell
    his last wee run wasn't great
    not sure about him being with aces and 8s
    because of them making the announcement instead of him being revealed on a show
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    Ohhhhhhhhhh Chavo!

    I'm exited to see him in TNA, I miss having him around. Wrestling isn't wrestling without a Guerrero (Vickie Doesn't count).

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    Indeed this is the RETURN of the GUERRERO family.

    anyone who claimed that it was ok for WWE to make chavo dress up as Swaggers eagle and have him lose to Hornswoggle, disgusts me. he is a freakin' GUERRERO, one of the greatest wrestling familys of all time. Chavo was never used right in WWE. I can tell that Chavo is going to be good in IMPACT Wrestling, wether he compete in the X-Division or something more, Chavo is a supurb in ring talent and is good on the mic, and is good with certain gimmicks, as disasterous as the "Pepe" gimmick in WCW was it showed just how dynamic Chavo was.

    Hopefully though he is just allowed to be a Guerrero, with the charm and the fire.


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    Absolutely great! Big boost for the X-Division!

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    Of all the ex WWe guys out there, Chavo's one of the best TNA could have picked up.

    I'll be keeping an eye on how he does there given I'm a fan. I don't think that he could possibly be miss-used more than he was towards the back end of his WWE run, so I'm curious to see what becomes of him!
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    Big gain for TNA. They could use him for the X Division, reform LAX with Hernandez with Hector as the manager,TV title to build it up, a lot of possibilities.



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    I think Chavo got what it takes to carry the X division as well as the Mid-card if so they choose....
    We can b---h and complain all day how the WWE misused him over the years from the dyed hair to jobbing out to a midget a hundred of more times... But that is the past.... As i said I think he will most likely be X Division maybe TV champion and maybe even World champion come next year???
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    Chavo at best is a tv or tag or x division champ, but if he gets an incredible pop from the crowd him vs Austin Aries would be cool as a tv main event but that's as far as I'll go with chavo. He will feud with Ion for division title and probably win it from him because sore son could be out 3-10 months and I don't c Ion as champ past 3-4 months if that


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