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    We shouldn't be ready for a changing of the guard in WWE just yet!

    This week on Raw999 there were a couple of incidences of the newer/current crop of WWE superstars taking a pop at a couple of veterans.

    • CM Punk at the start of Raw telling Big Show that although he beats people up in matches, he hardly wins.
    • And Dolph Ziggler telling Chris Jericho that he's "losing his touch".

    Now i don't really think this is on and i still believe Show & Y2J have a good few years left in them. So i say why don't Big Show & Y2J form a stable perhaps with Kane (and other veteran superstars who people think could join) to prove the likes of Punk and Ziggler wrong. To show that they still have it and can still win gold. This could be a very dominant stable that could take over Raw & Smackdown.

    Perhaps it could mirror TNA's Main Event Mafia in some ways.

    What do people think?

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    Jericho and Big Show would be a good idea, but not Kane. Kane doesn't care about "main eventing" or being in the spotlight. He just likes causing pain and making people suffer.

    It should just be the two of them, because WWE doesn't know how to book a stable where all of the members are truly equals, and these veterans are too good to play second fiddle to each other.

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    WWE is trerrible with stables, say what you will about TNA, but they take their stable storylines to the extreme and some times over the edge remember when the mafia took over Impact

    I think that stable might work purely on Smackdown, because the objective of a good Vetrans stable is to ultimately have the young stars rise up and take the spotlight for themselves, I can see it working on Smackdown maybe; Chris Jericho, Big Show, Mark Henry, maybe even a heel turn for Booker T? they could then be opposed by the likes of Sheamus, Del Rio, Rhodes, Clay ect.


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