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    Hey Creative THIS is how you book the 1000th Raw

    Might I start out by saying the 999th episode of Raw was the best Raw since Lesnar came back and had great booking all around. Thank Y2J's wwe role on making zig look good in his promo, great seeing Rikishi, but we all saw the Punk Cena match being booked from when his PG candy ass tweeted about it earlier today. Now all of you (including myself) think the most predictable way to end the 1000th RAW is to have Rock screw Cena, thus jumpstarting their rematch at WM29.

    But Vince Said he was "going all out". If he's not lying this is how I'd like to see it play out.

    Punk and Cena have a great back and forth championship bout when the LIGHTS HIT. Lights turn on and the familiar face WADE BARRETT comes to make an impact similar to what nexus did years ago. But hes not alone. Ryback, Big show, and a couple former nexus jobbers mob the ring to take over the historic night. Hell is breaking loose. Cena and Punk can't handle the numbers. A few legends/current superstar MAYBE run in but cant stop Ryback/show/barrett etc. And then finally......

    GLASH SHATTERS! STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE COLD! Stone cold gets the loudest pop of the night, cleans house, leaving punk and cena recovering to celebrate in the ring. Stone cold offers punk a beer, Punk in pain respectfully declines, DOUBLE MIDDLE FINGER, STUNNER. And then he stuns Cena for good measure. We drink a 12 pack and thats all she wrote

    Book it. THoughts?
    "This is the way you handle it. Its easy, its simple to digest because you people cant handle anything complicated. You people cant stomach anything interesting. We're all here in the circus to entertain YOU. And nobody has been able to obtain a modicum of success without you...until I showed up. Im successful not because of you. Im successful in spite of you"


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