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    I Hate the phrase "WWE Universe"

    As the title.

    Does anybody else hate the fans being called this? The only terms I liked were "The People" or "Peeps".

    I honestly hate how LAME 'WWE Universe' sounds. Makes the WWE sound like some sort of desperate company.
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    im not a fan of it either makes it sound stupid think they brought it in round about the time pg started i like the terms that you said peeps, the people, and also fans haha

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    i would also rather be called the people, peeps or just fans.

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    when wrestlers say that word it feel like they are forced to say that.they can just call us fans.wwe universe it's stupid.

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    Who doesn't hate it, its a marketing term, it gives the feel that every fan is just a number that will be scratched when they become dispensable (i.e don't enjoy or care for the crap they put out anymore)

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    The wrestlers are forced to say it.

    Its a decent marketing tool for their website too, it does sound a little childish though. That said, thats who WWE are aiming for so job done I suppose.

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    I blame the kids....
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    Wasn't it WWE Nation at one time?

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    Fans or peeps sound better.

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    Peeps is already used by Christian.


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