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    ***Spoilers*** WWE Smackdown 29/6/12 - in depth!

    Starts with AJ v Lyla, usual Divas match, Bryan costs AJ when he distracts her. Bryan says its not nice to be cost a match, is it AJ! Haha #heel! Says he isn't leaving the ring til he gets to speak to Vickie about his WWE title match.
    Promo with AJ and Bryan, doing a "YES!" off. Kinda awkward, is it wrong I pictured thats what they sounded like in the throws of passion?

    Vickie comes out and he finds out AJ is the special guest ref between him and Punk at MITB. Does Bryan like this decision? "NO! NO! NO! NO!"

    Vickie explains the WHC MITB match format, announces qualifiers over the next 2 weeks,!

    MITB QualifIer: Ryder v Sandow: Match starts with Ryder getting some good offence in. Match turns when Sandow boots Ryder in the knee while cowering in the corner, stomps, kicks, the Elbow of Destain follow for a 2 count. Ryder fights back with a face plant and a missile drop kick from the top rope for another 2 count. Decent back and forth match so far. Sandow worked into the corner, Broski Boot! He's calling for the Rough Ryder...Sandow ducks and counters into dropping Ryder across the top rope. Sandow hits the neck braker, hooks the leg and its over! Good match. Ryder made not to look a complete jobber by getting in some good offence and Sandow remains undefeated.

    Bryan is in the back looking for AJ. Tries the Divas locker room. Gets told by some Diva (I fast forward when they're on so had no idea who it was!) that she wasn't there and he shouldn't bother, as AJ is a little unstable!

    MITB Qualifier: Kidd v Swagger : Match starts with some decent chain wrestling, Kidd with a roll up and 2 count. Knee to the gut from Swagger, attempts to throw Kidd over the top rope, Kidd holds on, skims the cat, latches on to Swagger with another roll up for a 1 count this time. Swagger tosses Kidd into the corner, big splash, tosses him across the ring. Swagger runs to the other corner, Swagger bomb on Kidd for a 2 count.

    Great psychology from these two in this match. Kidd hits a DDT from nowhere. Swagger runs at Kidd but is floored by a boot to the face. Kidd, top rope, Swagger makes his way to his feet, Kidd off the top and hits a swinging kneck breaker for the 3 count! Big shock, good match, great showing from both these guys.

    MITB QualifIer: Santino and Christian v Otunga and Rhodes: Before the match Otunga's music stopped and he did some posing in the middle of the ring. Hey, Otunga, Chris Masters and Lex Luger called...they want their gimmick back!

    Santino and Rhodes start things off. Trade arm bars, Cody tossed into the corner and Santino tags in Christian. Christian continues to work the arm. Hard slap to the face on Rhodes. And another! Rhodes bounced off the ropes, knee to Christian. Picks up the IC champ for a suplex, holds him up for for a few seconds and drops him on his stomach for a 2 count. Otunga tagged in who goes to work on Christian. A slam and running tackle for a 2 count. Otunga talks smack to the ref, Rhodes with a quick stomp on Christian while the back is turned. Vintage heel stuff. Rhodes tagged back in and Christian is in need of a hot tag...badly!

    Tag to Otunga, they double team him but Christian ducks Otunga's punch which nails Rhodes! Santino shoves Rhodes out of the ring, distracts Otunga who clotheslines him over the top rope. Otunga turns and runs straight into a spear from Christian for a 3 count for the win! They celebrate outside the ring with Christian doing Santino's trumpet celebration.

    AJ is backstage, talking to herself (for a change!). Bryan finds her! Says he is sorry for costing her the match earlier and is worried about her well being. Asks if she has ever considered professional help. He says he has a doctor friend, he could help her, cos thats what people that care about each do, they HELP each other. He asks AJ if he wants him to give her the number? "Yes." Says AJ...then again...and again...and again, before skipping off...shes a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic this girl!

    RYBACK V TWO JOBBERS: Jobber 1 charges at Ryback, picks him up above his head and slams him on his back. Jobber 2 thinks "to hell with this!" and leaves the ring to go back up the ramp. Ryback cuts him off at the pass and delivers a BIG boot to the chest. He drags Jobber 1 out of the ring. Tosses Jobber 1 back in the ring. Jobber 2 hits a big kick. Ryback just stands like "WTF?" Another kick. Jobber 2 runs back for one final kick but is met with a MONSTER kick by Ryback to the midsection.

    Jobber 1 is back in the ring and jumps on top of Ryback from behind. It looks like he is trying a sleeper hold. "STUPID!" Ryback grabs his neck drops to the ground. Kinda like a Stone Cold Stunner. Pretty cool actually! "FINISH...IT!" declares Ryback! Picks them both up, little march around the ring, samoa drop type gimmick, highly illegal pin and its over! (sorry, but just cos he is Ryback doesn't mean he should be getting away with this one guy on top of the other shit, both shoulders of BOTH men should be down, sort it out WWE!)

    Cesaro and Aksana backstage. Teddy Long comes by. Says there is no hard feelings towards their relationship. Cesaro sarcastically thanks Teddy. He tells them he will be the GM for both Raw and Smackdown next week. Cesaro and Aksana exchange a glance and Aksana tries to be all seductive and nice to Teddy. It doesn't wash with Long. Announces at the Smackdown Great American Bash a tag team match (Vintage Long) between Cesaro and Askana and Layla and The Great Khali...hmmm, can't wait for that one :/

    MITB Qualifier: Gabriel v Tensai: The match starts well for Gabriel, he hits Tensai with some punches and chops. They don't seem to be having a great deal of effect but so far so good...until he came off the rope and ate a huge should block for The Artist formerly know as Albert!

    Tensai picks up Gabriel and pushes him by the face over the top rope. Justin hits Tensai with a punch and climbs the top rope, he dives off the top rope and hits a vicious upper cut. Tensai mounts Gabriel and unloads with elbows to the back of the head. Kind of a modified fisherman's suplex from Tensai for a 2 count. The big man is DOMINATING Justin right now.

    Bear hug, Gabriel fights out with elbows to the back of the skull, Gabriel off the top rope with a missile drop kick. Justin hits a lionsalt for a 2 count. More martial arts kicks to the front and back of Tensai, Gabriel is caught off the 2nd rope pick up and Albert bombed! Tensai bounces off the ropes and drops himself back first on Gabriel. Thats all she wrote. Tensai is going to money in the bank.

    Decent outing from Tensai here, not a massive fan of his but it was a decent little match. Gabriel wasn't completely squashed so doesn't lose any credibility.

    Triple Threat for WHC: Sheamus (c) vs Del Rio vs Ziggler: Sheamus starts by attacking Ziggler, Sheamus jumped by Del Rio. Sheamus fights both Ziggler and Del Rio off. Ziggler planted face first into the turn buckle then Del Rio takes a right hand to the gut, thrown in the corner and takes a beat down from Sheamus. He breaks away from Del Rio and does a running clothesline to Ziggler, forcing him out of the ring. The champion is on fire!

    Ziggler is sent for a ride by the champion. Sheamus gets a 2 count and is jumped by Del Rio as he makes his way to his feet. Del Rio with an armbar take down for a 2 count. He gets up and continues to work the arm, ramming his knee into the shoulder a few times then sticking him in an arm bar. Sheamus powers out then smacks Del Rio in the face a couple of times, he goes to bounce off the ropes but Ziggler, still on the outside, pulls the top rope down, forcing Sheamus to the outside! He stomps Sheamus, makes his way in the ring, Del Rio goes for a tilt the whirl slam, but Ziggler lands on his feet then hits a picture perfect drop kick. Ziggler attacks him with lefts and rights, slams his head into the steal steps. He rolls Del Rio into the ring and gets a 2 count.

    Del Rio gets the upper hand. He throws Ziggler into the corner, goes for the big splash, misses, Ziggler tries a quick cover but only gets a 2 count. Dolph stamps Del Rio in the corner. "Lets go Sheamus!" Chants are heard, despite Ziggler and Del Rio being the only two in the ring. Great editting work from the WWE again. I don't see what harm when two heels are fighting each other in the crowd siding with one.

    After the break both Del Rio and Ziggler are double teaming Sheamus outside the ring. Del Rio takes Sheamus, bashes his head in the steal steps then rolls him into the ring where the double team continues! Del Rio motions for Ziggler to get to the top rope. Ziggler does so. Del Rio, sneaky bugger, goes for the pin but is interupted by Ziggler at 2. Dolph and Del Rio argue, exchange shoves and then punches. They headbutt each other at the same time which stuns them both, allowing Sheamus to do a battering ram off the top rope on both of them!

    Sheamus clears house. Power slam on Del Rio, 2 count interupted by Ziggler. Ziggler sent to the apron and hit with the clubbing blows by the champion. Del Rio goes for the cross arm breaker but Sheamus counter its, kinda (looks like Del Rio botched.) Brogue Kick, ducked, Irish Curse back breaker for 2, Ziggler again interupts. Sheamus goes to hit Del Rio in the corner, misses and hits his shoulder on the corner post. Ziggler still on the outside hits Sheamus with a drop kick on his injured shoulder. Ziggler tries to get back in the ring but hit with a FIERCE inzaguri from Del Rio. Del Rio sinches in the cross arm breaker but its broke up by Dolph. Fame asser to Del Rio...he kicks out on 2! Ricardo on the apron, Del Rio shoved into Ricardo who is sent crashing to the floor, Ziggler with the roll up and a hand full of tights...1...2...BROUGE KICK! Del Rio tossed to the outside and Sheamus picks up the 3 count!

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    Nice summary. This could be a thread to rival Iron Ape's Raw Peel

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    I have a new found respect for people that do these spoilers/reviews. Took me FOREVER to do. Watching a bit of action, pausing it, writing it down, press play, repeat. So time consuming!


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