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    The pyros hit and the crowd go crazy as Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to another episode of TNA Impact!

    Recap of Hulk Hogan getting ran over by a car.

    Sting's music hits as the fans pop as loud as they can. He walks down the ramp with a mic. He says that what happened last week to Hulk Hogan was incredibly disgusting! Hogan did NOT deserve that! Neither did Sting! Whoever has been giving these vicious attacks, they need to come out here and explain their actions! Sooner or later! They will find out! Whoever is giving these attacks, they need to learn some respect! Because they don't know any respect what so ever! But he promises that fans that he'll get to the bottom line! He'll find out who has been causing all this chaos! He hasn't got much names! Well, to be honest. He hasn't got any names. So since Hogan isn't here! He'll take the General Manager role untill Hogan returns! So from now untill Hardcore Justice, you'll see the 8 men from the Full Metal Mayhem taking on each other throughout the build up! And the first match tonight! You'll see 6 Knockouts in action! Sting then tells us to get prepared for a fantastic shows!

    Sting goes backstage as Ms. Tessmacher's music hits! She comes out with Velvet Sky, and Mickie James to a chorus of cheers. Madison Rayne's music hits and she's out with Winter and Gail Kim to a chorus of boos!

    Match 1. Velvet Sky, Mickie James and Tessmacher vs Madison Rayne, Winter and Gail Kim

    Finish: Velvet Sky has Madison Rayne ready for the Beauty-T! But Madison Rayne reverses it into a Rayne Drop! Madison Rayne quickly tags in Gail Kim. Velvet Sky is up and tags in Mickie James, but James moves out of the way and goes backstage! Gail Kim rolls Sky up! 1..2..3!

    Winner: Madison Rayne, Winter and Gail Kim

    After the match Ms. Tessmacher grabs a mic! She says she usually doesn't do this! But this time! It's vital! It's for her friend Velvet Sky! She tells Mickie James to come back here right now! Mickie James's music hits and she gets mixed reactions from the crowd. Tessmacher asks what her problem is? She grabs a mic and says that she doesn't have no problem with Tessmacher at all! But the only problem Mickie has is with Velvet Sky! She says that she is tired of being overlooked all the time! It's all about Velvet Sky! It's Velvet this! Velvet that! And she's sick of it! She says that it's not her fault that Sky lost the TNA Knockouts Belt to Gail Kim! But that doesn't mean that she needs to get a shot every time! She says that this is a new era of Mickie James! She doesn't care about anything! Or anyone! Besides the TNA Knockouts title! She tells Tessmacher and Sky to watch out! Cause she is coming! And she is gonna be more badder! And better!

    The camera goes to Mike Tenay and Taz and they big up Mickie James, but now that she has devoloped herself as cocky and arrogant, she might be THE TOP Knockout of TNA! Zema Ion's music hits and he comes out looking all "stylish", he gets decent heat. Doug Williams's music hits and he walks down the ramp ignoring all the boos from the crowd. Mark Haskins comes out next, he gets no crowd reaction. Last but definitely not least! It's Kenny King to bring the excitement into the crowd! He gets a decent pop.

    Match 2. Zema Ion and Doug Williams vs Mark Haskins and Kenny King

    Finish: Zema Ion and Mark Haskins go at it in the ring. Haskins hits a fantastic drop kick from out of nowhere, he goes for the cover! 1..2..Ion kicks out! Ion quickly gets up and his picks Haskins up. He hits a Gory Bomb. Instead of pinning he jumps up the turnbuckle! Haskins is up and Ion hits a Standing Tornado DDT! He goes for the cover! 1..2..But it still isn't enough! Ion tags in Williams, whereas Haskins tags in King! Williams quickly jumps on the ropes and hits a European Uppercut! They both get up and they trade blows. King, Williams, King, Williams, King. Williams goes for another blow but King ducks and jumps up the top rope to hit the Springboard Blockbuster! King goes for the pin! 1..2..But Mark Haskins quickly runs and breaks up the pin! King gets up and shouts at Haskins! Haskins low blows him and lays him out with a Painkiller! Williams goes for the cover! 1..2..3! Williams, Haskins and Zema Ion celebrate before Williams and Haskins head backstage! Zema Ion picks up a mic!

    Ion says that two weeks ago at Destination X! He became the new X-Division Champion! In that night! A year ago! He walked into Destination X fighting for a contract! This year! He walked out of Destination X as the X-Division Champion! But there is one person he has to thank! And that person is Jesse Sorenson! If it wasn't for Jesse Sorenson! Then he wouldn't have gotten this far! The injury that he gave Sorenson! Must be the highlight of Ion's career so far! And he will never forget that moment! Cause that moment led to Ion's big one! Ion says call me disgusting all you like, cause at the end of the day! He's still your TNA X-Division Champion! And he is also the prettiest and the most stylish! TNA X-Division Champion! Ion drops him mic on Kenny King and leaves. The security come and take Kenny King away as the crowd boo Ion.

    Camera goes to Taz and Mike Tenay as they say that this could be the night where wrestlers become more serious! We've had Mickie James and now Zema Ion! It looks like everyone has underestimated the two enough! They say that they've just recieved word from Sting that Zema Ion will face Kenny King at Hardcore Justice for the TNA X-Division Champion! And right now we have Gunner and Kid Kash making their debut as a tag team! Daniels and Kaz's music hit and they join us on commentary tonight! Gunner and Kid Kash's music hit! They come out to matching tights! Robbie E's music hits and he comes out with Rob Terry, to a huge chorus of boos.

    Match 3. Gunner and Kid Kash vs Robbie E and Rob Terry

    Finish: Gunner hits the Fireman's Carry Facebuster onto Robbie E! Kid Kash runs in the ring and picks Robbie E up to hit the Money Maker! Gunner goes for the pin! 1..2..3!

    Winners: Gunner and Kid Kash

    After the match, Rob Terry looks at Robbie E in disgust! Robbie E goes up to Terry and apologizes, but Rob Terry lays him out with a chokeslam before he leaves backstage! Gunner and Kash pick up a mic! They say that not only are they "Gunning for Kash". But they are also gunning for those tag team titles! So watch out! Kaz & Daniels and Gunning for Kash have a stare off before Kaz and Daniels leave as we head to a commercial break!


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