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    WAC Wrestling:A little bit of the "Old school" style of match writing

    Ok,Ive said in the efeds topics ive done a whole lot of this kind of match writing,,and heres a bit of it,,Ive broken the post into two parts since fifteen thousand words almost for a match is too much for one post..Its a Triple Threat Singapore Cane match just to be clear,,any questions regarding any characters or relationships between them just feel free to ask and ill gladly explain, comments and reviews and all that such arent certainly welcome as well

    WAC Dynamics Triple Threat Title Match - NNTK(c) V Maxx Damage V Raider

    AJ: “Now here we go time for another title match this should be wild!”
    Mark: “Yeah you ain’t kiddin a triple threat for NNTK's Dynamic Title, let’s go JD!”

    JD: “The follwing match is a triple threat Singapore cane match, where the stipulation states that if a superstar can grab a cane, it’s legal to use as a weapon”

    JD: “Now, introducing first, Raider!”

    Raider walks out on the ramp at the top of the stage as the fans cheer and he walks down the ramp towards the ring and enters.

    JD: “And secondly, Max Damage!”

    Damage walks out to the top of the ramp and the fans cheer loudly for him too, he walks down and also gets in the ring, he and Raider wait and back away from each other to different sides of the ring.

    JD: “And now finally-“

    The fans begin to boo so loudly JD has to stop.

    JD: “And now finally, From The Netherworld, Accompanied By Eric Rooker Ryan Ignatius and EC, He is the WAC Dynamics Champion, Representing the BPA and The Prophecy…. NNTK!!

    AJ: “Rooker’s back”
    Mark: “Ugh”

    Destroy Everything begins to play in the arena.

    The crowd now resumes the booing, even louder than before when the four of them step out onto the stage, EC has hold of NNTK's arm and he has the belt across his shoulder.

    They walk down the ramp to constant boos and when they get to ringside NNTK hands EC the belt and she puts it over her shoulder and NNTK gets in the ring.

    There is a Singapore cane attached to all four corners of the ring,the bell now rings and the match is underway.

    AJ: “Now Mark for those at home who are unfamiliar with this type of match go ahead and explain it.”
    Mark: “Well AJ those canes attached to the turnbuckle will become legal weapons to use if these men can get up there and get a hold of them, but that being said other than that this a standard match with DQ’s and count outs”

    In the ring the three men stand looking at each other, then NNTK hits Raider in the face then Damage hits NNTK and NNTK comes back and hits back then Damage hits them both and before long they’re all swinging all ways at each other.

    AJ: “Woah!”
    Mark: “Yeah this things exploded from the get go!”

    All three of them are still throwing punches at each other when NNTK drops them both in a row.

    AJ: “Alright the first upper hand of this well see what he does with it”
    Mark: “Don’t expect him to stand around waiting either, because that’s just not his style”

    NNTK now stands back and waits for Damage to get back up and kicks him in the gut then drops him on his face with a DDT.

    Raider now gets up as well and NNTK hits a twisting neckbreaker on him putting him back on the mat.

    NNTK goes over to Damage and jumps going for a knee drop in the face but Damage rolls to the side and NNTK hits nothing but canvas, this gives Damage a chance to hit a powerslam on him.

    Cover by Damage on NNTK.

    NNTK kicks out immediately.

    AJ: “What? First of all way too early and secondly he hasn’t even used a cane!”
    Mark: “Both true statements but a pin never hurts, you never know!”

    Raider comes in and knocks Damage on the back of the head then grabs him and whips him off the ropes and runs at him and takes him down with a shoulder tackle.

    Damage back up and another shoulder tackle.

    Damage back on his feet again and Raider runs again but not this time, Damage stops him with a clothesline.

    Damage hits a heavy leg drop on Raider now the he lifts up on his feet and picks him up in a bearhug.

    Damage squeezes the hold and shakes raider some, but Raider fights out with punches to the face, Raider is now back on his feet on the feet on the mat and he and Damage begin to trade big shots. This goes on for a little bit as they hit each other back and forth until NNTK comes from behind and hits Raider knocking him into Damage and they both fall to the mat.

    AJ: “Oh NNTK from out of nowhere”
    Mark: “And that’s a triple threat for you, you have got to know where both men are all the time”

    NNTK pulls Raider up from behind and then hits a hard lariat in the back of the neck dropping him forward, NNTK now goes around to the front of him and stomps him in the back of head, then stomps him once more.

    Damage now gets up on his feet and runs at NNTK but he drops him with a hard lariat as well.

    NNTK lifts Damage up on his shoulders then brings him with a gutbuster across one knee.

    AJ: “NNTK definitely back in this match & in control”
    Mark: “Yeah but what next this match has already been pretty good, even if just a little brutal”

    NNTK picks Raider up off the mat but Raider counters by shoving him back.

    NNTK unphased much by this runs in at him but Raider counters with a 180 degree spinebuster.

    Raider now goes over to a corner and stands up on the 2nd rope and attempts to climb the turnbuckle and grab the cane but no Damage comes in and grabs him from behind pulling him down.

    AJ: “We won’t be seeing one of those canes come into play just yet”
    Mark: “Get down from there! Hahaha”

    Damage now climbs up and has his turn at reaching for a cane but NNTK steps thru the ropes out onto the apron and walks around to the corner and shoves him back down to the mat.

    NNTK gets back in the ring and lifts up Damage and drapes him out with his legs on the top rope and drives him down to the match with a neckbreaker.

    AJ: “Oh! What a vicious neckbreaker!”
    Mark: “And a normal neckbreaker hurts enough but he had him across the top rope!”
    AJ: “Cover by NNTK”


    AJ: “Kickout from Damage at one and a half”

    Raider comes back into the match now as NNTK gets up and turns around he spears him,to the delight of the fans who cheer.

    Damage now is back up on his feet and Raider runs and drops him with a big boot.

    Raider grabs damage as he getss back up and goes behind and hits a pump handle slam .

    Raider goes up to grab a cane again but NNTK stops him by running in the corner and hiting him in the back of the leg.

    EC cheers at this from ringside and looks at NNTK with a proud smile as they meet eyes, NNTK nods at her.

    This causes the crowd to boo loudly.

    AJ: “How lovely, showing their support”
    Mark: “Yeah… very nice.”

    NNTK now runs back off the ropes and drops a forearm in the face of Raider.

    NNTK now stomps him in the face, then the arm, then the gut ,then the leg, other leg, around to the other arm, once more now in the face.

    NNTK now jumps up and comes down with a knee in the face of Raider.

    AJ: “Oh he got the knee that time, absolutely intense offense from the Dynamics Champion”
    Mark: “That’s one of NNTKs favourite moves that knee drop”

    Damage has now gotten back up and he runs and clotheslines NNTK off his feet.

    Damage now jumps up with a big body splash on Raider.

    Damage now goes over to the corner and while both men are downed temporarily he manages to take down the cane.

    The higher I go, the crookeder it becomes.

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    AJ: “He’s got a cane!”
    Mark: “Uh oh i think this is about to get interesting!”

    Damage cracks raider with it over the back as he’s turning around getting to his feet and then NNTK in the face as he runs toward him and NNTK falls to the mat.

    Mark: “Cane shots from both of them!”
    AJ: “And NNTK got it in the face too! Take that BPA!”
    Mark: “Cover by Damage on NNTK”



    AJ: “Kickout from NNTK and two and a half”

    Damage grabs Raider now and powerbombs him and goes into cover.



    Mark: “Kickout from Raider at two and a half now as well”

    NNTK has now gotten back up thanks to Damage's time with Raider, As Damages turns around NNTK turns him around with a stiff lariat. Raider is up now and he charges NNTK but he’s stopped with a kick in the gut then NNTK shoves him down between his legs and hooks both arms behind his back and turns him over with a backbreaker across his knee.

    NNTK now stands in the ring over both downed men and the crowd boos.

    EC though cheers and shouts for him some more, causing more boos from the crowd.

    AJ: “This match has been turned around again”
    Mark: “Boy has it, and this has been very exciting to watch and call”

    NNTK now goes over to Raider on the mat and begins choking him with both hands, then he goes to only one and slaps him in the face and lets go and gets back up.

    The crowd boos more now at the dirty tactics.

    Damage is back up now though and he’s gotten another cane down and he runs and nails NNTK in the back with it hard cracking it in half.

    AJ: “Wow! He just broke the cane on him!”
    Mark: “Oh Man!”
    AJ: “Cover by Damage on NNTK”



    AJ: “OOH close… kickout from NNTK at two and a half, almost had a new Champion”.

    Now Raider is back up on his feet and he’s got the cane from before and he cracks damage over the back of the head with it while he’s still over NNTK, and it splinters and splits and Raider throw it out of the ring.

    He now pulls Damage off NNTK and covers him.



    AJ: “Kickout from Damage at two and a half”

    NNTK is up now and as raider turns around he hits him hard in the face then drops his face across his shoulder with a stunner.

    NNTK gets him up and slams him with a gutwrench powerbomb.

    Damage is still trying to clear the cobwebs from having the cane split over his head when NNTK whips him off the ropes then comes off the ropes from the side as he comes back and absolutely levels him with a pounce.

    NNTK covers Raider now.



    Mark: “Kickout at two and a half”

    AJ: “Ah, taking out one man, then the other before pinning one”
    Mark: “Yeah that’s pretty good strategy there”

    NNTK climbs over him now and begins hitting right hand after right hand, busting him open.

    AJ: “UH OH! Someone’s been busted open!”
    Mark: “Figured that would be sooner in this match, not only the canes, but not to mention these three men are all really rough in the ring”

    NNTK now gets up off of Raider and by now Damage is back in it and he comes over and out of nowheres grabs NNTK with a tilt a whirl sideslam.

    Now Damage drags NNTK over the corner and steps up on 2nd rope over him.

    AJ: “Oh my, we know what this is”
    Mark: “He’ll be crushed! And it being NNTK I can’t say I’d mind!”

    EC knows what’s coming to and she runs around the ring over to NNTK and begins shouting at him.

    EC: “No! Get out of the way! Watch it look out NNTK!”

    Damage grins down at her and he jumps down backwards off the ropes to land on NNTK with
    a body press but no NNTK counters by rolling out of the corner away from him .

    EC smiles proudly and runs around to the side of the ring again where NNTK is.

    EC: “Yes! I knew you could do it! Now kick him into next year and finish this off!”

    Damage holds his gut on the matt momentarily and then gets up and turns around.

    When he does NNTK runs in at him full speed and levels him with The Lifetaker Kick.

    AJ: “OH! LIFETAKER KICK! The end can’t be far now!”
    Mark: “Man that’s some kick and i believe EC's right he may have sent him into next year Max Damage probably thinks its 2012 right now!”

    But during all this time Raider has managed to recover and he’s now on the top rope in the corner behind NNTK.

    Mark: “Hey! Look at Raider!”

    Raider jumps off as NNTK turns around towards him going for the Air Raid but NNTK Counters it by nailing him in the head with a Lifetaker Kick.

    EC now smiles bigger than ever.

    Mark: “Cover by NNTK on Raider”




    The bell rings now and the crowd boos louder than they have all night.

    AJ: “That’s it its over NNTK retains in one hell of a match”
    Mark: “Yeah” we saw these three men get cracked over and over with those canes look around the ring there’s cracked broke canes if that doesn’t tell you something.

    Destory Everything begins to play now and EC brings in the belt and hands it to NNTK and hugs him still smiling bigger than ever and laughing too.

    The ref now raises the arm of NNTK.

    JD: “Here is your winner and still the WAC Dynamics Champion, NNTK!”

    The crowd boos loudly at this.

    NNTK goes out and grabs a microphone now and then gets back into the ring and hands EC the microphone and tells her "I’ll be right back"

    NNTK goes back outside the ring and reaches under it and pulls out a trash can.

    AJ: What the hells he need with that can right now?
    Mark: I’ve got no idea he’s probably gonna knock Damage and Raider in the face with it.

    NNTK brings the can into the ring with him and sets it up in front of him and EC and takes the microphone back from her now.

    NNTK: “For weeks and weeks and months and months now I have defended this Dynamics Title against all kinds of men in all kinds of matches… turning them all back as I’ve crushed them with the hand of defeat and unleashed hell on them as I unrelentlessly punished them. All of those who stepped up and tried to take this belt from me failed, they all fell.
    But you see, I dont care about this belt nor do i need or want this belt, because it’s not a world title. I WILL once again become World champion soon. This crappy title means NOTHING to me!!"

    NNTK now drops the belt into the garbage can.

    AJ: “That’s just out of order!”

    NNTK: “Now before we leave , EC do you have anything you’d like to add?”

    EC takes the mic from him.

    EC “:Yes as a matter of fact I do, speaking of world titles, even though i might’ve lost my title to Angel Dust earlier tonight. This is not the last time

    I’ll hold Women’s Gold either, EC will be
    Women’s Champion again sooner or later”

    The crowd now lets out a roar of deafening boos at all this as NNTK and EC leave the ring.

    Mark: “He just threw the belt in the trash!”
    AJ: “Come on have some respect for the belt and the company and the fans!”
    Mark: “Come on AJ remember who you’re talking about here”
    AJ: “True”

    Destory Everything plays now and EC takes hold of NNTKs arm and Rooker, NNTK, EC and Ignatius all leave ringside to the back up the ramp.

    Shane Lynas heads down to the ring

    AJ: “What on earth?”

    Lynas reaches into the trash can, picks out the Championship and leaves the ringside area with it

    Mark: “It looks like the WAC President has come to rescue the Dynamics Title”
    AJ: “Good thing too”

    The higher I go, the crookeder it becomes.

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    and in closing Ill say this:It looks a bit short in seperate posts,,but its filled with nonstop action,remember it is almost fifteen thousand words so its appearance is deceptive

    The higher I go, the crookeder it becomes.

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    Damn I did this shit forever ago,its work I did way back in another fully typed fed,Since this is giving it one of those so called "Bumps",Might as well get some feedback,If its good,Ill appreciate it,but if you say its bad I just wont care.

    The higher I go, the crookeder it becomes.


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