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    Pokemon Theories

    cmon i know you have all played it before

    anyway heres some interesting theories surrounding the Pokemon universe

    Theory 1:

    Ditto is Mews failed clone:
    We should all know that Mewtwo is Mews clone
    But what else happened
    well look at the pokemon Ditto
    it contains many similarities to Mew

    Both weigh 8.8 lbs
    Both are Pink coloured with there shiny version coloured blue
    Both learn virtually every move in the game, Ditto only for so long of course
    Both learn Transform
    Many Ditto are found in the Cinnabar Mansion, where the Mew/Mewtwo experiments took place

    Theory 2:

    You Killed Garys/Blues raticate:

    In Pokemon Red/Blue you meet your rival in Lavender town
    he asks whether of not you know what its like to have one of your pokemon die.
    At this point he no longer has the raticate he had in previous battles.
    Your last battle was on the S.S.Anne
    This is the reason he's in Lavender Town

    Theres a long story after this that isn't entirely needed

    Theory 2

    Gengar is Clefables Shadow:

    Just look at them, they similar hands, ears, feet and body shape
    Gengers species is known as the Shadow Pokemon
    The name Gengar originated from Doppleganger, the ghostly double of a person


    there are much more
    ill post more later

    or you guys can post your own
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