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    What are your thoughts about NXT?

    Me personally I think this show is awesome and displays alot of great young talent. It's sad but I find myself looking forward to this show more so than Smackdown and Raw at times... (IDK maybe it's because i'm more a "wrestling" guy than a "storyline" guy) I've noticed they have a lot of captivating gimmicks that make you wanna watch the product, guys like Ambrose, Rollins, Ohno, Wyatt, Ascension, even the Divas are really good but my thing is... Isn't this what the MAIN shows need RIGHT NOW! Don't they need more guys (and gals) that can captivate you and make you go: "What tha?!?!?" I mean look at the impact Sandow is making right now. Anyways enough of me rambling, let me know what you guys think about NXT and how soon these guys should be called up. Thnx


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