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    What's your favorite TNA Finisher of all time?

    Simple thread. What is your favorite TNA Finisher of all time. For me it would have to be the Angels Wings by Christopher Daniels.

    I feel that move seems so impactful, and graceful in a way. And I always enjoy seeing Christopher Daniels use it.

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    The Canadian Destroyer (flipping piledriver), is my all time favorite finisher in any wrestling show. I'm very happy Little Petey Pump is back in TNA, I get all excited every time I see him hit his finisher.


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    I love the Canadian Destroyer but since Benny stole my thunder, I will go with my second option. The Gringo Killer by Homicide

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    I concur with Benny by listing the Canadian Destroyer as my favourite TNA finisher ever. I remember the first time i saw it my mind was absolutly blown away! It's an amazing move and was pleasantly surprised when he recently returned to TNA.


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