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    This thread is for all of whom have something bad to say about the wwe week in and week out.
    1. Why are you tuning in every week or reading the results? If you went to a restaraunt and the food was bad it would only take a visit or two to keep you away.

    2.if you answered the first question by saying something along the lines of i watch it because of the entertainmnet that you get out of a particular angle or a particular wrestler then why not focus on that rather then how much the wwe sucks in your opinion.

    3. Do yiu expect raw to be a 10 every week? Think of your favorite show now imagine it coming on every week forever.
    Eventually there will be some duds in it. If the duds become to many then a normal person would stop watching it.

    Yes there are typos and my iPad is acting weird and not letting me correct them.


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