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    Tyler Reks Gone from the WWE

    Profile has been moved to Alumni section. I'm taking it as he has been released. Also his twitter name has changed to his real name Gabe Tuft and now says that he's doing involved with his own marketing company.

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    A shame. Reks always had an unique look and was great in the ring. Also a shame to break up a good tag team of Reks and Hawkins.

    I'm worried about what this means for Curt Hawkins though. I hope he sticks with WWE. Perhaps this is a chance to pair him back with Zack Ryder? I sure hope so.
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    NOOOO! Why?! Poor Curt.
    RIP Eddie Guerrero. One of the greatest wrestlers of all time!

    Raise your hand if you're on drugs!

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    Oh man. I was a huge Reks fan. Shame to see him go. He was great in the ring and he had a great look, no homo.

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    He wants to spend time with his family.
    RIP Eddie Guerrero. One of the greatest wrestlers of all time!

    Raise your hand if you're on drugs!

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    Meh. Whatever. Let's hope Curt gets tagged with someone good‚Äč.

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    Sad to see him go, especially since this leaves Hawkins with nothing. Maybe Zack Ryder will get his wish.

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    Reks did not fit the Chippendale look on last week's Smackdown, because of his hair. I thought they should've done a gimmick more fitting of the hair because he shouldn't cut it due to its uniqueness. Imagine Dolph Ziggler in dreadlocks if you think the hair thing doesn't make sense.

    Hawkins and Swagger?

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    Afro be sad. Go cry in rock.

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    I'm a huge Tyler Reks fan and it hurts to see him go. I can respect his reasoning but I hope he comes back at some point in the future.
    I want to know who looked at David Otunga and said "You know something? This guy's good." They deserve to be fired.

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