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    Why should Lesnar degrade himself further by putting over Barrett? IMO, he got ruined when he clearly dominated Cena before their match and he got whooped and quit. He's got A LOT of building up to do to recover from that and besides, Barrett could be in a feud with Sheamus for the WHC instead. It'd be more gratifying for him in the long run.

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    One main problem with that would be a Barrett face turn.

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    Could have done something with Lesnar and Mike Tyson. That would have made main stream news imo.

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    Great post. Could not agree more andbe more disappointed about what's next now that SS is over. I have no interest in another Sheamus/ADR feud, nor do I am dying to see Cena and Punk in another angle. I was expecting new storylines with Orton coming back recently, Barrett returning soon and Ziggler cashing in the MITB briefcase.

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    What? Wrestling fans make no sense sometimes.... why would Barrett save HHH?

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    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin possibly to wrestle one last match at WM 30!

    Was reading an article earlier about "Stone Cold" Steve Austin possibly wrestling one last match at WrestleMania 30! Your thoughts and who would you like to see Austin face in his one final match should it happen of course. I would like to see Austin vs Punk that's the match I really would like to see. I also wouldn't mind seeing Austin vs Rock for one last time either...those two always put on classic matches.

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    Only one match can happen at Mania 30 with Stone Cold

    Stone Cold vs CM Punk

    Nothing else.

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    I see this match happening with either Punk or John Cena. Either or, it will be a great match.
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    To be honest I don't want to see Austin wrestle one more match. It's not going to be the same wrestler I seen back in the days. Both his knees are not 100% and never will be. It's like when MJ came back to basketball, it was not the same. Nothing against Austin, but I think he will be winded quick and won't be able to keep up.

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    Punk. Punk. 1,000 times Punk.

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