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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Ziggles View Post
    But calling Sheamus "The Great White" is PERFECTLY acceptable.

    And I know it wasn't in WWE but can you remember in TNA when The Pope called Matt Morgan a Honkey, and that wasn't considered a big deal.

    Everyone know its impossible for a 'racist comment' to be aimed at a white person.
    (technically what I just said is wrong as i said white instead of Caucasian, but it doesn't matter)

    Equal rights my arse.

    Anyway i could go on about this all day, but I'm going to stop before i get carried away, as double standards really piss me off.
    I've had that chat with my mates about Sheamus and his Great White Hope based nickname. I don't like it either.

    It isn't just Caucasians who can be racist that's certainly true. It works same across the board.

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    I'm just wondering if Bloom and bud "got" that this was going out to the public--and going to be taken seriously. There is a possibility they were just goofing around, not clear it wasn't which case, whomever is in charge of this Tout nuisance on the WWE end should be taking as much if not more heat, for putting it out there.

    I hang out in a place that's racially very diverse, and there's stuff we can say to each other that is a lot "worse"/more "incorrect" than the content of the Tensai vid; but as others have noted, it's really all about context. So maybe these two are most guilty of not realizing you can't jokingly say ANYTHING in front of a camera anymore without someone taking exception to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tchocky360 View Post
    It isn't a simple think of the children matter. I mentioned kids as one aspect since that's obviously where Tout and the WWE target mot of their audience.

    For me it's also a matter of respecting others.

    Sum Ting Wong and the Tensai joke aren't much better than saying towelhead and laughing about that, or chinny chong chong and squinting your eyes, and laughing at how clever that is either...

    It mostly comes down to do you want racist language in your wrestling product?

    I know I don't, so when I see it, I'll feel uncomfortable and I'll say, maybe that shouldn't be in there.
    It's about respecting others, as you say? So I don't know where you draw your line at "respecting" others when you're uncomfortable with some racial humor, but Tensai beating the shit out of his Asian side kick after he loses a match doesn't? Or any wrestler beating the shit out of another with chairs.

    So in your world its okay for kids to watch men beating the hell out of each other, but making a joke that Asians can't drive good, is not? Or both? Because if its both, dude you shouldn't watch wrestling cause you will hate it.

    Since kids are so influenced about what is said, but there not with regards to hitting each other? I Taught my kids not to hit each other with kendo sticks, but they're screwed if a one of these entertainers say something racial, cause they are not "respecting" each other?

    It's both acting, so your point is odd to me. Violence is ok as long as you don't use a racial stereo types?

    It's wrestling and the only reason Vince is being so anal, is because of his wifes campaign.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    please elaborate haha
    Because so far its just this supposed rough guy beating the shit out of everyone and sooking if he loses, even though this is not the right way to go about it at least hes shown personality and its the first time I have gone thats Tensai ok, normally its here we go again Tensai
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    Undertaker is not dead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Undertaker is not dead!
    He's the Undead.
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    Looks like McCool and Taker are expecting their first child.

    Congrats to the married couple.

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    I like how the report in the news section says he only has a son. What planet are they on?

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    WWE impressed with Billy Gunn

    I read that report that WWE was impressed with Billy Gunn at Raw 1000 and wanted to give him at least one more match. Coming from one of the biggest Billy Gunn marks out there I was so pumped to hear. I literly jumped out of my chair and mark out so hard when I saw him in that truck and was really impressed with his physical state considering he's nearly 50.

    So after I read the report on the website I started thinking of a scenario for him to have that last match and who he should put over. As much as I loved the NAO and would be happy to see a reunion I would much rather see "Mr Ass" go one on one with none other then Dolph Ziggler 'no shock there'. Billy Gunn was one of the most underused superstars back in the day and IMO deserved to hold that World title once. As a mid card face he always got a massive pop. He was very good in the ring aswel and quick on his feet and agile for a big man. I know he wouldn't be quite as nimble but thats why having him face dolph would help.

    The way I would set it out is have Dolph still have his briefcase and be claiming how he is basically the next World champion. Queue "I'm a ass man" I know unlikly for him to use this gimmick but imagine how over he would be. The kids would think its hilarious because of the word ass to be fair. Its why I loved him he was different and I loved the ass man gimmick. Have Billy say something along the line of how he isnt sure dolph has what it takes and if he wants to prove himself he needs to overcome a guy who came so close to winning the title of HHH, a former king of the ring, etc and over the next few weeks show past matches of billy gunn to get him more over and let the kids know who he is.

    And then of course in the match have Dolph win with a super fameasser or something. This is my longshot idea which i'd love to see but I really want to get your thoughts. Thanks if you actually bothered reading
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    We see these reports all the time. About many veterans. I take them with a very large pinch of salt.

    I have a few questions about the report though.
    If he was that impressive then why only match? If they think he can only handle one match then they can't be that impressed!
    Why didn't they know he was so "impressive"? It's not like he's been hiding away for the last few years?
    What exactly did he do on the show that was that impressive?

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