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    Quote Originally Posted by Asherdelampyr View Post
    it would be interesting, but how many groups is Punk going to lead? How many times are they going to try and fail to create something with the same permanence as NWO, the 4 Horsemen or DX?
    Personally, I think rehashing something old to get one guy over is a decent idea. Not rehashing the group just for the sake of doing it. Punk is already over, that much is true, but you have to keep putting someone over for them to stay relevant. Not to mention that nastalgia gets a lot of fans talking. Although I do think there is a limit to how many times you can do something before it gets super old. Something I would rather see is a rehash of the SES. This time with people who are already over, rather than punk with a crew of jobbers. I would like to one day see punk and cena team up as heels, similar to rated rko was. That's just my opinion though.
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    Raw is on fire tonight!

    You're welcome!!

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    I saw this as well. Wow WWE will certainly be a "hot" topic tonight

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    I hope nobody was injured.
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    Nobody has been injured. All fans insider were evacuated, and thousands are still waiting outside. The show starts in 26 this should be interesting lol.
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    I hope no one got hurt.


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    chris jericho is awesome!
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    #temamodest are the nicest people aboit. get outa here team ego! its not that my spelling gets shit when ikm drunk, just that i canr be bothered correctin the many mistakes i make while typing !

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    Glad no one seem's too be hurt or injured..
    mad, never seen anything like that happen before.. well unless it was done by Kane off course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingsman18 View Post
    Nobody has been injured. All fans insider were evacuated, and thousands are still waiting outside. The show starts in 26 this should be interesting lol.
    they are letting fans back in now.

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    That video of Jericho is amazing!

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