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    Quote Originally Posted by GreatMuta4life View Post
    I wouldn't go that far. The UFC belts look like the blown up version of something that was on action figures.

    Here's two real belts, worn by the baddest man to ever walk the face of the earth, Fedor Emelianenko:
    Attachment 2556
    (click it to see the pic bigger) Fedors belt

    But seriously, I'd rather have a blown up action figure belt then a belt design that looks like it should be worn on a gold chain around a cracked out Flavor Flav neck.

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    smh at people who think that is the main front plate of the belt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedag View Post
    smh at people who think that is the main front plate of the belt.
    smh at the constant need people feel to continually bleat about how right they totally are

    Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste they same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedag View Post
    smh at people who think that is the main front plate of the belt.
    Seeing is believing and regardless which side it is, or how unfinshed, it is being presented as what the new belt is going too look like in some form. It still looks like a less goddy version of John Cena's hip hop character novelty spinner belt, without the spinner.

    Might as well give the champ a matching pimp cup for purple drank or in Punk's case grape soda and his WU TANG CLAN fan club grill

    Until i see different, this is what im judging.

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    Kinda looks like a close up of a side plate...Either way looks like a cheap piece of crap that a dollar store would sell as a "WWE title"

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    Guys...WAIT is the word. Not BIRD! Just WAIT...for the final result/belt!

    Quote Originally Posted by The Brown One View Post
    Best damn thread PERIOD. Nice one ELNIO.
    Quote Originally Posted by steveorton View Post
    @ELNIOJR love the signature dude

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    I like the current championship!

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    This definitely looks like a work in progress, if this indeed is the new design...y do I have a feeling they're gonna slap this bitch up with a lot of jewels...

    the shape also resembles the US Title a bit...the WWE logo is really huge...i'm gonna wait until it actually is revealed...

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    So it seems that this is actually the new belt. Or at least a working progress of the new one.
    In it's current state, they may as well just give the guys a gold bar on a chain to wear.
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    Sandow looks like a fat-ass in that bathrobe. Just saying.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vandarius View Post
    Darius: You're all bitching again? Jesus, I thought this was Insane Championship Wrestling ... Not Jersey Shore!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Giddy View Post
    Kryptonite is awesome
    Quote Originally Posted by Asherdelampyr View Post
    Your sig gives kind of a rapey vibe

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