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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    They've had it for about a month or so now. I don't know why it was changed in the first place seeing as the older one was just fine.
    True. Didn't think anything was wrong with the first one but sure whatever!

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    Kurt Angle needs to go back to wwe ASAP!

    Yesterday i was just watching the match angle had with taker in on way out 06 (an awesome match!) and thought that he is been wasted in TNA, he has done everything possible to achieve there so the only logical path for him is to return to wwe, why?

    because when he left, wwe was in a very different position as of right now, there are tons of new feuds he can be into, tons of new things to do, and i think wwe could really use right now, a few examples:

    cm punk vs kurt angle in a feud for the wwe title
    daniel bryan vs angle
    rollins vs angle
    cena vs angle ( i know that has happened , but cena wasnt as over as he is right now)
    orton vs angle (remember their little twitter feud?)
    lesnar vs angle (one more match at wm to see who is the best once and for all)
    sheamus vs angle(both have intensity)

    and the reason itself that made me write this post : angle vs taker at wm

    it could be a great match and a great way to end taker participation in mania (not the streak of course)

    so what do you guys think? like any of this options? which one is your favorite?
    do you rather see angle in tna?
    any thoughts and comments?

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    I'm not against it but if Angle doesn't go back I wouldn't be too sad. He will have amazing matches no matter where he goes.

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    Kurt who???

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    He should get HBK's schedule (before HBK retired, of course). I think he can deliver good matches if he hasn't 4/5 per week.

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    I'd be inclined to say that Cena was more popular when Angle was in wwe than he is now. but that's not really the point you were making...

    WWE doesn't need Angle and Angle doesn't need WWE.

    I agree that right now Angle isn't doing much at Impact Wrestling but he is far better off staying there where he can work the sort of schedule that suits him.

    It would be great to see Punk V Angle or Bryan V Angle, but unless he was going to give Seth Rollins a massive push and let Rollins go over on him I don't think that any other fueds you mentioned would be any better than watching him in TNA...

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    to be a jobber fed to blandy boreton, john borena, lameus? no thanks

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    I like Angle being in TNA, but I'd also like to see him face the newer guys in WWE. I think it would be awesome for him to return as Jack Swagger's mentor or similar. I'm not sure about him facing 'Taker at 'Mania, but them I'm not sure 'Taker should wrestle again.

    One of the perks of watching both brands is that I get to enjoy his matches wherever he is so it's all good by me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by helmsley View Post
    orton vs angle (remember their little twitter feud?)
    No, i don't remember BS like this.
    However, what i do remember is their nice little feud in 2006 (Mania 22, ONS 06, Vengeance 06)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatSebangGuy View Post
    No, i don't remember BS like this.
    However, what i do remember is their nice little feud in 2006 (Mania 22, ONS 06, Vengeance 06)
    Nobody would remember the crap Kurt starts on Twitter if he didn't keep doing it over and over and over.

    Now that he's slipped as far down on the rungs of the TNA ladder as he has, he needs to do something to reclaim the spotlight soon. He's bound to get bored without an Olympics or MMA debut to train for. I can't see him being TNA champion again and if he was, it wouldn't be for very long.

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