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    I'd love to see yet another Kurt Angle run, but I don't see it happening right now. Kurt Angle is pretty bitter toward the WWE. He is always on top of taking massive shots at the WWE when the opportunity arises. BUT if he did return one day I would want to see him against Bryan Danielson and CM Punk for sure.
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    I don't get Kurt sometimes. He takes shots at WWE on twitter when they use his moves, and then he says it's like they forgot he ever existed in the first place. I think if he never goes back to WWE he will still be a sure fire hall of famer after he retires from TNA or wherever he chooses, that is if he doesn't burn anymore bridges.

    Recently I watched the King of the Ring dvd and his match with the Boy Wonder was awesome. I don't think the WWE forgot Kurt, I think someone may be whispering things in his ear putting a rift where one did not exist. But whatever, I'll watch him wherever he goes.

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    Although I know the schedule and lack of travel in TNA suits Kurt much better than the WWE lifestyle does, i do feel he could fill a gap in the WWE, there are no great mat wrestlers in WWE (Certainly non at the main event level). I mean Daniel Bryan is good, but he is more strikes than anything else.

    I think if given the opportunity to book Angle back into WWE, I would actually like to see him fued with the returning Jack Swagger, before entering a more mentor role. I think it could work well in both parties favour and cememnt Jack as a main event caliber wrestler, not a high quality jobber as he was before hand.
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    All Kurt Angle needs to do is delete his Twitter account.

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    I think he is better off were he is now tbh i don't see him ever returning and if he does wwe would only bring him back for one night.

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    I think WWE need him more than he needs WWE.
    I agree that he's done all he can in TNA, and that there are a lot more potential feuds for him in WWE that would provide fresh competition.

    I really hope that Kurt does end up going back to WWE for one more run leading to a HOF induction. If he can work it out so that he gets a HBK part time schedule or something, then I'm sure he'd take it.
    Imagine how awesome it would be to see Angle vs Punk, Angle vs DB, Angle vs Ziggler etc. A lot of potential for some excellent feuds and matches there.
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    I see several reasons for him not going back. Reason one: He has made clear on very many occasions what he thinks of WWE and Vince. Vince might be a businessman, but he is also not very forgiving.
    Reason two: With how Kurts private life is a huge mess right now (alcohol, domestic violence, the many many times he made himself a complete clown on twitter), he would spend most of his time in WWE suspended i guess.
    Reason three: He simply isnt that good anymore to justify putting him in the main event scene in WWE. Also, after working so many years for the wrestlers retirement company, he wouldnt be able to take the stress of going on the road. He would end up just like Kevin Nash after his 'return' to WWE. You would see him two or three times and then he would disappear into oblivion.
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    -_- @ this thread...
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    If anything Kurt says on Twitter "upsets" you, or makes you "lose respect" for the guy, then consider yourself an idiot. Kurt still an amazing performer. His personal life, or opinions shouldn't affect your views on his profession.

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    I think Kurt should just stay put in TNA... he's better off there than he would be with WWE. He has too many issues right now and as he has stated before, Vince McMahon is awful with his employees. Only time and money will tell. Maybe Kurt Angle does have a price.
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