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    I dont really think that the "Punk effect" will happen since this could possibly be one of the largest and best wm's ever with the likes of , Rock, Taker, Brock, Triple H, Jericho, Christian, HBK, Austin, Tyson, Henry, Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Kane etc... all either want to be apart of wm, are going to be apart of it, or have been rumored to appear on it at one stage or another this year. So i think if even half of them show up we could be easily having the best WM yet to date. (sorry i went a bit of topic)

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    Punk main evening Mania very well could happen and I wouldn't complain at all if he did main event WrestleMania. He deserves his moment to headline WrestleMania.

    As far as Orton turning heel. He's asked for it many times and he'll prolly get it sooner or later. He's more entertaining as a heel and his character fits the heel role better.

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    A perfect theme for Barrett

    The NME are reporting that The Manic Street Preachers a working on a new album. So what? I hear you cry. Well the last part of the article says this...

    "The Welsh trio recently said they'd love to write and record music for WWE wrestler Wade Barrett. "Let's just put this out there – if you're listening Wade Barrett we will do your fucking theme tune – just get in touch," Bradfield said. "That would be the ultimate Situationist, bizarrest spectacle wouldn't it? Us being played over the airwaves in some enormodome in front of 20,000 mad Yanks in Colorado somewhere."

    It's a safe bet to say Barrett is a huge manics fan, the massive rose tattoo being a clue, so it could be a match made in heaven. What's everyone think? Would a Manics track make a better entrance theme for Barrett than the current one?

    Divas to believe in.

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    I think the Punk effect has worn off now guys lol. I don't think Randy will turn heel.

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    I think it goes without question that Punk will be involved in a big-time-premiere match at Mania. That said, as long as Cena vs Rock is still in the works, I don't know he makes the "Main Event. Of all the Undertaker's potential opponents, I think Punk is my favorite option. After losing the title to the Rock at the RR, after over a year of fighting for respect, he thinks his last chance to earn it is vs. Taker at Mania.

    Who else would he fight if not the Rock or Taker? DB? Brock (isn't he fighting HHH)? Miz?

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    Just watched WWE Main Event where Cody Rhodes lands on his shoulder. Fuck did that look painful.

    Hope he recovers soon.
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    Anyone noticed how the WWE Attitude Era DVD was initially rated TV-PG but right after Linda loses, it's rated TV-14?

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    New entrance song for Primo & Epico

    Hey did anyone realised the Colons have a new entrance song. Does anybody know what it is? I'd like to have it, it's a catchy song.

    About the Colons though, I hate the way they are used. They should be used as a legit tag team. Just like The Usos

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    Can't say I noticed the new entrance, then again I'm not very observant at 2/3am.
    Must agree though for a solid tag team, they deserve better than a 2 on 1 squash at the hands of an easter island statue.
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    They've had it for about a month or so now. I don't know why it was changed in the first place seeing as the older one was just fine.

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