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    Didn't she sign up just a few weeks back? I'm guessing it's a mistake unless that she's done something or whatever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabers View Post
    I sincerely hope your joking? I'm guessing they haven't put her profile up yet!!
    They had it up the other day. She did have a profile and pictures up on the site.

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    Apparently they're just updating her profile and whatever and she stated on twitter that she hasn't been released...just her profile is under construction so to say. BTW here's a clip off youtube of her and paige taking on Emma and Audrey Marie and her phat ass!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Socal_Guy View Post
    To be honest I don't want to see Austin wrestle one more match. It's not going to be the same wrestler I seen back in the days. Both his knees are not 100% and never will be. It's like when MJ came back to basketball, it was not the same. Nothing against Austin, but I think he will be winded quick and won't be able to keep up.
    Ty the voice of reason. Alot of ppl get too stuck on what they remember of the best memories they had and always want to relive them. It will not be the same Austin. Now for him to show up part of a storyline or be a ref or just a fast stunner and leave ya but a match? No i have seen Jordan come back and suck seen Farve come back to be good then suck more. I do not want Sone Cold to be added to that list. That goes for HBK too!

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    Austin and jim ross both shot down the rumor of him comming back
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    For those of yuo saying he and JR said he will never wrestle again, JR said when AUstin will wrestle again he will tell you....

    On: I'd love to see an Austin vs Punk feud

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    nah, they should have had Orton vs Lesnar at Summerslam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowki View Post
    It makes perfect sense actually. The face of the Attitude Era vs the face of PG era. Today's kids favourite vs The 90s kids favourite. The only thing i see in a feud with austin and Punk relates to alcohol. There's more reasons currently for an Austin Cena feud.
    that match still makes no sense IMO.
    1) It was already done with Rock.
    2) It would NOT allow stone cold to be the superstar that made him famous, it would HAVE to be wattered down therefore losing all interest it might have once had.
    3) their fighting styles are so different, and not in a "wow that would make a cool match" kind of way, more in a "That will never work right" kind of way. Orton, Punk, Ziggler or Taker. Stone Cold is best up against guys around his stature or way bigger I.E. Hbk, Rock, Taker, Kane, Angle. Cena is just an awkward in between, hes bigger but not huge.
    4) That would be the third guy in a row to come out and beat the shit out of their "top draw" following Rock & Brock.
    5) Stone Cold refused to- have his character lay down for Hogans so he damn sure won't for Cena's.

    I just don't see it as interesting at all IMO.

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    The only two matches I'd like to see Austin wrestle are against CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. Both are MUST see matches.

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    Stone Cold vs Brock Lesnar will never happen.
    Austin already said that if he wrestles again, it will be against CM Punk and only CM Punk.

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