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    Quote Originally Posted by Haruko Haruhara View Post
    I really dont think it is needed. I say this because it seems like it would be a one and done stop for many people. I was in North Carolina last week for the coldplay concert and drove by the Nascar HoF and it was empty yet open. I think any sort of HoF - a major sport like baseball or football is a waste of money for anyone to keep open.
    I think a HOF alone is definitely a waste of time, but a full on WWE museum (which would include a physical HOF) is definitely something that WWE should consider doing.

    It would include past titles, memorabilia, famous attires, just a massive archive of WWE's history. IMO, that's something that would be appealing to have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBoogeyMan View Post
    The old WWE New York restaurant would make an ideal place for such a thing...(if they havent already put something else in there.

    I was never in WWE New York, but from what was seen of it when it was still around, the place is enormous and could definitely be the perfect place to house all the Legends and memoribilia for the world to see.

    It would also be a cheaper alternative for folks that cant afford to go to Wrestlemania Axxess every year.

    The possibilities are endless on the things that could go into a physical Hall of Fame

    Video walls, memorabilia, a shopzone, ring used attire for each individual.

    This would be one of the greatest money makers WWE could ever have......IF they ever decide to make a physical Hall of fame.

    I know I would go to it......would you?
    Actually the WWE leased the building from Paramount most like when Smackdown was on UPN was the reason there.... and now the Hard Rock Cafe is in there... So that is unlikely....
    But I say wrestling city..... such as Tampa or Philadelphia or Dallas or even Los Angles CA...
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    I am resurrecting this thread because of the article I seen about WWE losing money on the Hall of Fame this year.......and here are my thoughts

    Another reason for WWE to build a PHYSICAL Hall of Fame. If they built one, yes it would be a financial hit in the beginning, but if they do it right, and make it similar to the NFL hall of fame which has a hall full of past NFL legends busts.....if WWE did this it would be a HUIGE moneymaker for them......they could have a shopzone in there with all the shirts, Donated memoribilia from past and present superstars, DVDs, EVERYTHING they have ever put out or produced. This would truly work, and needs to be done. What would be better then a physical Hall Of fame where fans could go and see all the past WWE/WWF history at its finest.. The NFL, MLB, NBA NHL and NASCAR did it right...WWE could too
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    Tampa has been the talk when it came to rumors of an actual physical hall of fame last year. I highly doubt it would be the old FCW training facility in Tampa as that building is a dump and is attached to a warehouse where another company is connected next to it. Plus it's just not that big to house a physical hall of fame. I would love for WWE to make an actual Hall of Fame. I would make the trip at least once wherever it ended up being placed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    I think they could have one but they'd need to try run it at a profit and that would be hard.
    Can't disagree more with you there.

    I'll compare it to what could be considered as an equivalent here in the UK: 'soccer' stadium tours.
    Football stadiums here in the UK these days offer stadium tours and have a full on museum which includes memorabilia such as the trophies the club has won, old shirts, statues/busts of famous past players or important figures at the club, an official merchandise shop, and these days, some stadiums even have a large shopping mall, cinema, restaurants and various other things attached. These generate a great deal of money for the club and have been part of the stadium for years.

    Stadium tour aside, this is in effect what WWE would be aiming to do.

    With that in mind, I can't see how it wouldn't generate money in the same affect if WWE were to do something similar.

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    I only want a hall of fame if they have Ric Flair stuffed and standing in the lobby (after he's died) in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by URATOOL View Post
    I only want a hall of fame if they have Ric Flair stuffed and standing in the lobby (after he's died) in it.
    Talk about poor timing talking about Stuffed Flairs


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    There is already a physical HOF in Waterloo, IA, USA. Read about it here:!

    and ross, urafool is always posting stuff to get a rise out of someone so just ignore it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    I'm pretty sure they are in the process of sorting a physical HOF out aren't they? I'm sure I've seen many reports over the last year or so about them thinking about it at least.

    I think it's definitely something that would be worth doing. But rather than just have it simply as a HOF, a museum of some sorts. That's something that would generate more interest and money for sure.
    They are.

    I think I read that it'll be part of their new developmental facility(Which is apparently going to hold 5 rings) they are putting up in Orlando. Train in the back, museum in the front.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJosephBanks View Post
    I think I read that it'll be part of their new developmental facility(Which is apparently going to hold 5 rings) they are putting up in Orlando. Train in the back, museum in the front.
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