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    SWA-Salvation Wrestling Alliance

    SWA Roster

    Active Roster (CAWs)
    “The King” Ryan Knight
    “The Executioner” Slade Foster
    Freddy Orion
    “The Red Dragon” Ken Ryuu
    Evan Kyles
    Adam Franklin
    “Blazing” Johnny Flames

    SWA Active Roster (Non-CAW)
    Casey Adkins-CEO and Active
    Chris Sabin
    Alex Shelley
    Ultimo Dragon
    Christopher Daniels
    Teddy Hart
    Seven Thorne with James Mitchell
    La Resistance

    The main show is Shock Wave and PPV's will be every other month.

    The first one is All Hallows Nightmare in October.

    SWA Heavyweight Championship-

    SWA Alliance Championship-

    SWA Dynamo Championship-

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    Shockwave Week 1

    (The show opens to Go! By FLASH as James Mitchell and Adam Right welcomes everyone to the first edition of Shockwave.)

    (Casey Adkins, the CEO and founder of SWA is in the ring with a mic in his hand.)

    Casey: Welcome to the best damn show in the country. We are in The ECW Arena and this is Shockwave.

    (The crowd starts chanting “SWA, SWA!!”)

    Casey: Thank you very much. I assure you that this will be a good night as we will crown our first ever SWA Heavyweight Champion, SWA Dynamo Champion and SWA Alliance Champion!!! The Alliance Champion is a special title as it allows the champ to use weapons and cannot be DQ’d or Counted Out as well as it takes a five count to pin the champ in ANY match, title match or not.

    Casey: Our first match will be for the SWA Dynamo Championship. It will be a five man Battle Royal and after it is down to the final two, pin fall or Submission wins it. It will be Freddy Orion, Ken Ryuu, Christopher Daniels, “Blazing” Johnny Flames and Ultimo Dragon participating.

    Christopher Daniels defeats Freddy Orion, Ken Ryuu, “Blazing” Johnny Flames and Ultimo Dragon in 20:35 to become the first ever SWA Dynamo Champion.

    • Ken Ryuu was eliminated first by Ultimo Dragon at 3:10 after Ken was hung up on the ropes and Ultimo Missile Dropkicked Ken over.
    • Freddy Orion was eliminated second by Christopher Daniels at 7:25 by being thrown over.
    • Ultimo Dragon was eliminated third by “Blazing” Johnny Flames at 13:03 by military press over the ropes.


    (In the back, Lacy Thompson is with Christopher Daniels)

    Lacy: Chris you have just won the SWA Dynamo Championship and had to defeat some of the best Indy guys and one of the best Cruiserweights in the world.

    Daniels: You know Lacy, I feel really proud to be here in the SWA and I have to thank Casey for this chance to really shine.
    Lacy: OK then, what do you have to say to the locker room ab…

    (The lights go out and when they come back on, Daniels is knocked out cold and the Dynamo Championship has been stolen.)

    Lacy: Get some help back here now.

    (We then go to ringside)

    Adam: Why do I have a feeling you have something to do with this Mitchell?

    James: Because you know when the sun goes down, the things that go bump in the night come out to play.

    Adam: I thought so. Who did this to Chris?

    James: I do not know who, but I do know what did this and you will have to wait and see.

    Adam: Just what I thought. Any ways it has just been announced that the next match will be for the SWA Alliance Championship. It will be “The King” Ryan Knight versus Hakfu versus Homicide versus Seven Thorne in Full Metal Mayhem, where the way to win is to grab the title from within the cage above the ring.

    Seven Thorne defeats “The King” Ryan Knight, Hakfu and Homicide in 30:30 by grabbing the title above the ring to win the SWA Alliance Championship. Ryan Knight was dominant early on, by grabbing a pair of handcuffs and using them to subdue Hakfu and eliminating him from the match for a bit. Seven stood back and watched while the other three battled it out. Homicide realized this and began attacking Thorne with a chair, but it barely fazed him. Seven took the chair and beat Homicide to a bloody mess. Hakfu got loose and knocked Knight around with a couple open palm jabs to the chest and then finished him off with a 360 degree roundhouse kick. Thorne then used a chokeslam followed by a Dark Kiss to knock him out.
    (After the match, the lights go out and when they come back on, Seven Thorne is knocked out just like Daniels was. The Alliance Championship belt is also gone as well.)


    (Lacy is backstage with Casey)

    Lacy: What is going on with all these knock outs. First Christopher Daniels and now Seven Thorne has been knocked out. Both just won their titles and now they get knocked out right after the match and their belts get stolen.

    Casey: Lacy, you know as much as I do about the situation. Something is going on and I intend on figuring it out. It is our first show and I need order. After the next match, I am going to go out and get to the bottom of this.

    Lacy: Any suspects?

    Casey: A couple, but I will not disclose those names until I was sure.

    (Back at ringside, Adam is alone)

    Adam: James will not be here to call this match because he left at the same time the lights went off. According to my roster, he is the manager of Seven Thorne but I don’t know what happened. He was with me the whole time during the match and then vanished during the black out. Anyways, the final match will be for the SWA Heavyweight Championship. It will be “The Executioner” Slade Foster, Grundo, Nitemare and Teddy Hart in a No Holds Barred Falls Count Anywhere match. And for the record, seeing this line up makes me think that James and whoever did this will be showing up again.

    Teddy Hart defeats “The Executioner” Slade Foster, Grundo and Nitemare in 55:55 to win the SWA Heavyweight Championship. As expected the match was brutal and weapons were being used frequently. Teddy used a ladder a Triple Bypass onto Nitemare, but was caught after he landed and then tossed across the ring and onto the turnbuckle. The other three went at it for about ten minutes with Slade using a Double Under hook Piledriver on Nitemare and Grundo dropping his whole 350 lbs on Nitemare with a big splash from the top rope. Grundo went for the pin, but Slade broke it up and tried to knock the big man down, but that ended with Grundo using his big arms and almost removing Slade’s head off of his shoulders. Teddy awoke and using his speed, he was able to wear the big man down and get the win.

    (After the match, the lights go off and when they come back on; James Mitchell, Slade Foster, Nitemare and Grundo are standing over Teddy Hart. Slade has the SWA Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder, Nitemare has the Dynamo Championship and Grundo has the Alliance Championship)

    (Casey is on the Uber-tron)

    Casey: I am ordering you three to give the Championship belts back to their respective owners now.

    (James has a mic)

    James: Or what? My three Horsemen are here to prove that there is power in mysticism and in pure strength and endurance. I went to them and asked if they wanted a way to unleash their pure raw strength. They said yes and so they attacked the winners of the previous two matches and stole the titles from the winners. And according to SWA Law, whoever holds the belts within 5 minutes of the end of the match is considered the champ.

    Casey: You are correct, but there is one minor error you forgot to acknowledge. The winner of the match has the option to re-challenge for the title under any stipulations they choose. Christopher and Seven have told me their stipulations. Chris wants Nitemare in a Cage match and Seven wants Grundo in a Last Man Standing.

    (Teddy is up and has a microphone)

    Teddy: I want Slade in a Finisher Match. First one to nail their finisher onto their opponent wins.
    Casey: All this takes place in 3 weeks at All Hallows Nightmare.

    (The lights fade and the Horsemen leave the ring as Shock Wave goes off the air.)


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