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    Royal Rumble, because: a) It's unique, b) it's entertaining, and c) it commences the Road to Wrestlemania!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daffy Duck's Finest View Post
    Royal Rumble, because: a) It's unique, b) it's entertaining, and c) it commences the Road to Wrestlemania!
    ^this. Whilst the product is stale at this point, things do get more interesting on the Road to Wrestlemania, and it all starts with the Rumble. If they pull another stunt like Punk's last year, the path to SS can be interesting too, but I wouldn't bank on it. It's a damn shame really, that with the roster they have, could have, and should have, they still under utilize the talent. We're going to three-hour RAW's when I watch an hour of shit promos and last week's footage now?

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    I have to vote the RR i love the whole match especially the surprise entrants every year its great!

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    WM > RR > Survivor Series (with multi man elimination tag matches) > Summer slam

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    Royal Rumble. The match itself is great and its exciting waiting in anticipation to see who the surprise guests are and more often than not there is someone returning
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    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.

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    Royal Rumble of course!!, I love battle royals, SS is just a regular PPV with some good matches

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    The Royal Rumble is much more exciting. Summerslam is just something WWE try to make as a "wannabe" WM.

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    Both events had a purpose back in the 80's and 90's. When Summerslam 2008 came around, it was a bad event. The only match that I remembered was Cena Vs. The Animal. The Rumble still has a purpose, but does the winner really have those bragging rights he deserves. The match itself is better and Summerslam can not be recognized as "The Biggest Party In The Summer" because the matches have no value to them. I hope this year, Summerslam will regain it's value with Lenser Vs. Triple H and hopefully Wade Barret comes back and wins the WHC. Sheamus has been holding on to that title for a long time now and should give it up to Barret. Danial Byran should take on Punk in a submission match where Byran wins the title.

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    For me it will always be Royal Rumble.. The concept itself makes it different from the other PPV (Wrestlemania used to be different coz of MITB but its not so now). However, I think the E pushes SS as their second best maybe coz it falls during a new season?
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    Summerslam is no longer slammin' because there aren't any divas getting wet in bikinis.

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