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    How I'd book Survivor Series 2012!!!

    Match or championships are in bold along with winners being underlined. I state the reason as to why I'd have the match booked on the show along with it. Enjoy.......

    WWE title
    : CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar-I want Punk vs Lesnar to happen. Why not have it happen at Survivor Series since Lesnar will likely face Taker at WM 29. Lesnar returns giving no respect to Punk which causes this match between the two. Despite Heyman's efforts he couldn't stop it from happening. Certainly better than having a rematch between Lesnar and HHH in my opinion.
    World title:Sheamus vs Wade Barrett-Why Barrett? Better him than a rematch w/Del Rio or Big Show. Sheamus has had a decent title reign. I think this is Barrett's time even though some may think I figure it is too soon since his return to become world champion. He needs a decent reign going in to WM as well at least I figure so. Sheamus is running out of opponents.
    WWE tag team titles:Kane & Daniel Bryan vs Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara-I figure Rhode/Scholars will be winning the tourney to go on to lose at HIAC. Got Rey and Cara starting a decent tag title reign here on a big stage of Survivor Series.
    IC title championship scramble:Ryback vs Miz vs Tensai vs R-Truth vs Heath Slater-Ryback wants fed more well Booker T feeds him more in a championship scramble match. Champion gets final entry in the match. Comes out the final 5 minutes dominates standing w/title above his head w/4 bodies laying. Doesn't matter who really is in the match besides the Miz. Instead of a dumb rematch, do it on a Raw or SD do this for Survivor Series.
    Divas title:Eve vs Beth Phoenix-Beth wants to get her hands on Eve after she was trying to accuse her of attacking Kaitlyn. Eve would only agree to a match with her if she put her career on the line. She did and Eve wins while Beth leaves WWE til she is ready to return.
    US title: Antonio Cesaro vs Kofi-Why Kofi many may ask? Kofi has a good fan base of kids and what not. Best way to exploit it is put him against a heel you want to get over. Mock him in different languages of saying boom.
    Classic Survivor Series elimination match: Cena, Booker T, Brodus Clay, Zack Ryder, & Christian vs Del Rio, Rhode/Scholars, Dolph Ziggler, & David Otunga-Why this match? The opposing team of Del Rio's has been questioning his GM decisions. Figure Rhode/Scholars will as well after they lose at HIAC. Ziggler has to be on the show so....Booker finds top guys to teach them a lesson along with himself. Clay, big man face who can get the job done. Ryder is a fan fav along with a history of a friendship with Cena. Cena obviously be on this as the top guy to give some much needed hype towards the classic Survivor Series elimination match. Hasn't seen much love in years....Christian was a face when he left. Figure he will return around this time.

    Expectation is Orton will not be at the ppv because of film. If he is able to go, I'd likely have him in the Classic Survivor Series match. That is how I'd book Survivor Series of 2012!!

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