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    Lesnar Response.........How will it go??

    I think tonight Brock's answer is yes he accepts the match with HHH, but with the stipulation that if he wins, he & Paul Heyman take control of Raw from then on.

    I expect this to bring the much needed big storyline that will shake the WWE up and make things super exciting!!! I think HHH will accept the stipulation if it does indeed happen just because of his ego. I also expect Lesnar to be in much better shape and look like a real monster again.

    Thoughts anyone?

    Thanks For The Memories

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    There will be some stipulation involved. I would love it to be this, but no doubt it will be something much lamer, like HHH has to retire if he loses

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    Could well be, then he'll come out of retirement when someone else tries to "hold the WWE to ransom" like CM Punk & Lesnar.

    Thanks For The Memories

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