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    The Great American Bash This Week?

    I was just on and saw that this weeks Smackdown is being touted as The Great American Bash due to Independence Day. Also, how long have they been calling it "Super" Smackdown? Or is that new? I wonder if they'll keep that - just sort of slide it in there under everyone's nose and 'forget' to remove it, lol.

    I think The Great American Bash should still be a PPV but I guess I'll take what I can get. At least they're giving it a nod. They're advertising a Battle Royal with, among others, ADR, DBD, CM Punk, Sheamus and, as they put it, "The Unstoppable" John Cena. (even they admit it) I wonder what in holy hell will be the point of that?

    All I can say is there better be some sort of US title defence. Let's put that belt back where it belongs best at the moment - on Swagger.

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    NOT being American, GAB never really appealed to me. Much rather them bring back a PPV like King of the Ring or Cyber Sunday.

    Smackdown was great on Friday, I hope they carry on with the type of matches they had and the performers put on the same work rate too. More MITB qualifiers should be good. Teddy is back in the house, so expect many Tag Team matches

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    I think that the WWE calling this weeks Smackdown as The Great American Bash due to Independence Day is a slap in the face for us Americans. The GAB was and should still be a PPV, but instead we now get a regular TV show with mediocre matches and a no actual big matches or build up for the show that usually is a decent PPV. What a bunch of bull from the WWE. I'm really disappointed with their decision to do this.

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    Don't know if they would do this..... But I would like to see a cage match... Be it singles, tag team or even 8 man tag..... Past GAB's always been known for it share of cage matches...
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