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    Christ, Jericho hasn't been the best talker since about 2005. Wade Barrett and Alberto del Rio take the current crown.
    If I can be serious for a minute..

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    del Rio? Really?
    I admit, he's got the charisma and the attitude but... I don't know, something about his face when he speaks makes me want to switch the channel and watch Pawn Stars while he's on. x)
    Punks good on mic, Barret seems comfortable with it, and Miz has gotten a lot better since he started. But Edge is my pick.
    Still though, no one is as good as The Rock was.
    Screw it...
    Use the chair.

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    I enjoy Del Rio's primos.

    Either way - Dwayne was just the best.

    If I can be serious for a minute..

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    Oh, I do miss that.
    Miss hearing JR's voice too.
    Better days.
    Screw it...
    Use the chair.

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    All of these guys would be GREAT talkers if we could just get WWE to move away from full-blown scripts (that suck to begin with) and go back to the glory days of letting wrestlers actually TALK. Stone Cold, The Rock, Ric Flair, Original Jericho etc. These are all guys that cut timeless promos, promos we still watch today. And were any of them precisely scripted? NO. They were given a general outline of key points to hit and told "go". Imagine the Miz in that situation.... Awsome.

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    CM Punk all the way


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