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    "How the hell do they fake that."

    Since we are labeled as the "smart" wrestling fans, we know that many the moves in the ring, for the sake of argument and simplicity, are faked. However, there are occasions when you are watching a promotion and see a move and you ask yourself "how the hell do they fake that?"

    Last night watching Impact, Sonjay Dutt hit this Moonsault Double-Stomp (2:45 in the video below) that looked very painful. I still can not figure out how the hell he can pull that move off without breaking ribs.

    So my question to everyone is this: is there a move, or a spot, that after you saw it had you saying "how the hell did they fake that?"

    Post videos if you can find them!

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    I've always wondered but never really found out how they pad the impact of a backstabber (not the weak way that James Storm used to do it, where he'd split his legs before he hit the mat, but the 'stiffer' looking way that Carlito did it)

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    Some spots are very real. Can`t deny that. They tolerate the pain because they are trained to do so. Just makes you realize how tough some of them really are

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    Dutt lands very evenly on his feet dispersing the impact high on his chest where the rib cage is strongest, the guy receiving it has his arms crossed over his abdomen causing the muscles of the torso to thicken... exhale at the moment of impact and you SHOULD NOT have broken ribs... that said there is NO way that move is not going to suck to take.
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    I always noticed Jeff Hardy after the Swanton and RVD after the FrogSplash would roll away clutching themselves. I always wondered if they were selling their own move or if it really hurt that bad. Seems like it's time to pick a new move if that's the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunkyCris View Post
    I've always wondered but never really found out how they pad the impact of a backstabber (not the weak way that James Storm used to do it, where he'd split his legs before he hit the mat, but the 'stiffer' looking way that Carlito did it)
    They always landed on the shins, a flatter surface than the knee

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    I always wondered why this move was created. The vertebraker is already a dangerous move but this pushes it.



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    Some wrestling moves no doubt inflict some pain on the recipients and the guys who execute the move. A superplex for example will actually hurt both guys involved. A powerbomb I'm sure hurts. A Chokeslam has to hurt when you crash to the mat like that. Plenty of top rope moves hurt, like the 450 splash (notice how Justin Gabriel always looks winded after hitting it).
    There's plenty of moves out there that hurt a bit, wrestlers are just trained to take it, it's part of the job.
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    I would say a large majority of wrestling moves actually hurt. No one ever said the pain was fake. The fight is fake. It's all planned and strategized between the competitors. But the moves, and impact hurt. SOme more than others. Wrestlers try to make things less painful but some still end up hurting no matter how much padding you apply.
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    This really needs years of practice and learning. In every jump out of a corner when the other guy is laying down, at the moment of the hit they put their arms in a way to cover their stomach and chest. This is for less pain and for jumps like that


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