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    Quote Originally Posted by HeelTurn View Post
    I wake up in a cold sweat at night worrying about such a situation....

    Cena vs Taker will probably happen at Mania, but he should not win simply because he doesn't need to. Sooner or later he will break Flair's 16 world title record, not to mention the fact he has held more WWE titles than anyone ever, so he does not need to end the streak.
    edge has held more titles then anyone in wwe.
    edge - 31 titles
    cena - 19 titles

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingblingbla View Post
    edge has held more titles then anyone in wwe.
    edge - 31 titles
    cena - 19 titles
    WWE titles, not US, or IC, or Tag Team...just the WWE title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeelTurn View Post
    WWE titles, not US, or IC, or Tag Team...just the WWE title.
    ok, thank your for making it more clear. yes he has held the wwe title more times. that means he lost it more times then anyone

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    he doesnt need to win whatsoever, moreso the match does not need to happen. Taker should retire undefeated & the only real threats anymore is lesnar & the rock. He already has 12 titles, breaking takers streak would do & prove nothing more than piss the rest of the wrestling fans off. There is no need for this match. Last good thing in wwe not tainted by cena, and it should stay that way. I`d rather see someone who actually you know is on takers level, like rock or lesnar? After facing hbk twice & then triple h twice in a row, facing cena is like a few steps down. cenas time is about up anyways, there is no need for the match to even happen as it won't do anything for him... especially if they want to keep feeding him more useless title wins. taker undefeated when he retires wwwyki, if cena won or the match even took place you know wrestling fans would get pissed and/or stop watching as then the last great thing in wwe was ruined once again by cena. WWE would officially be dead & people would riot & not watch.The only real threats & good matches we could see with the streak would be lesnar vs taker or rock vs taker... I would honestly rather see ryder vs taker than cena vs taker

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    If the Undertaker ever lost his streak I believe it would be at wrestlemania 30 and the opponents I believe would end it in order

    Kane (Taker has always said he wants Kane in his last match
    Cody Rhodes (The Moment Cody makes history)
    Dolph Ziggler
    Wade Barrett
    Antonio Casero
    Ryback (After finally stopping facing jobbers this would be a huge boost to Rybacks career)

    Personally I cant see Undertaker losing the streak ever.

    This year he faces Lesner or Ziggler or Del Rio and finishes it up with lucky 21 v Kane

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    The only one I could ever see taking the Streak is Stone Cold Steve Austin... but that isn't likely to happen now so if not I'd prefer Taker to go down as unbeaten at Mania. There is no sense in someone breaking it unless it was someone who could go on and make a streak of there own at WM!

    I have always had the idea of when Taker is near to retiring he may be in a story line where he is training a protege who can take on a similar dark character into the future, maybe called Nightmare... I dunno WWE needs something like this!

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    John Cena would be booed into the ground if he ended The Undertaker's streak. The streak is something that should just go unbroken. It has been built up for way too long now that nobody, not even Steve Austin or John Cena, are worthy of ending the streak. It would change wrestling forever that is for sure. I just do not think it would be very positive.
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    it's going to be who ever taker wants it to be but I do belive it will happen

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    I would hate him more for beating Undertaker that streak should hit 30-0 and then retire.

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    As an old school wrestler, i can't see the Undertaker EVER approving of Cena ending the streak. I'm sorry, but someone as respected as the Undertaker must be slightly pissed off at the companies direction since 2000. I know he's a company guy, but he has a lot of sway and i'm sure he has pretty much full say on his character at this point in his career.
    There's tons that have become disillusioned with it; Stone Cold, Rock, Jericho (has seen his interest wain over the past several years, only returning when he has nothing planned with Fozzy), Goldberg, Batista.

    It should never end. There's nobody there that deserves it and it will be hard to find anyone that will. The only person that could ever end will be the person that takes WWE to the next generation. Creative would have to be 100% sure that they have found themselves the next Austin/Hogan, because looking at the company right now, it definitely isn't Cena.

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