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    The Moment That Would Change The Wrestling World If Happened

    I just heard this.

    John Cena's Career would change if he broke the streak.

    If this were to happen......
    1.Would u tune into raw the night after?
    2.Would you cheer him or boo him?
    3.Do you think he will get more boo's then cheers after breaking the streak?
    4.Do you see it being possible for WWE to book it to where Cena wins to recover from his loss to The Rock at WM28?
    5.Would you be intrested in watching the match not knowing who will win?
    6.Do you think he deserves it? (he does so much for the company)

    Myself, I would watch raw cause im not the guy to say "if this happened, I would never watch wrestling again". Im a fan and ill watch it. I boo him now and will contiue to boo him until he changes because he is so old, change it up cena. I respect what he does but he is boring in the ring. I think he will get more boo's and I think he would be someone that would need security around him because of so much hate. I see it being possible thinking about some of the elements (cena lost to rock, him beating taker will make that loss mean nothing) (he does so much for the company). I would be intrested in watching the match because of the crowd, and two of the biggest stars in wrestling today. I think he deserves it, do i want to see it? No, I dont because the streak is legendary and if cena beats the streak, I can only see a heel turn come out of it.

    what do you think? answer the questions and say what you want to say about it.

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