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    He's not online ATM. I'll send him a PM once he gets online and you can talk to him, if you'd like.
    actually - i would like to talk to both of u at the same time - cause i know what a perfect efed should be and i see that your efed can be so much better but you either dont know how to do it or to lazy to do it. i use to be a freak when it came to efeds in wwe universe and i know what a good efed is. your just not their yet. i can be helpful with creating and ideas. i have a mind like no other because ill think of the most crazy stuff. like i always say - dont say it wont work before u try it.

    so ya, i would like to talk to both of u at the same time, and not on here. i got spots online where we can chat and not have to do this where it takes forever to get back to someone.

    when u think he will be on?

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