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    I W L - International Wrestling League

    Professor Pimp Pimp Hurray
    Finishing Move: The Bitch Breaker (Torture Rack To Back Breaker)
    Finishing Move: M.I.A.M.I. Nights (Roaring Elbow)
    Flint Brimstone
    Finishing Move: Ticket To Hell (Orange Crush Driver)
    Silverback Sean Davenport
    Finishing Move: Silverback Lariat (High Impact Clothesline From Hell)
    El Hijo Del Muerte
    Finishing Move: La Muerte De Arriba (Reverse Top Rope Hurricanrana)
    Johnny Flames
    Finishing Move: Solar Flare (Delayed Shining Wizard)
    The Tetsuo Virus
    Finishing Move: The Infected Roundhouse (High Impact Roundhouse To The Back Of The Skull)
    Black Moses
    Finishing Move: The 11th Commandment (Two Handed Diving Chokeslam)
    Wayne Warren Williams
    Finishing Move: WWW.COM (Spear into the corner followed by a modified Suplex)
    Ari Fleischman
    Finishing Move: Audit Drop (Piledriver from the Top Turnbuckle)
    Finishing Move: Dragon Sleeper DDT (Standing Dragon Sleeper submission followed by a finishing reverse DDT)
    Toa Samoa
    Finishing Move: Coconut Buster (Gory Buster)
    Abdul Mohammad
    Finishing Move: The Final Testament (Sweet Chin Music)
    Gorilla Gargan
    Finishing Move: Gorilla Press Driver (Triple Pump Gorilla Press Into A Michinoku Driver)
    Father Dom Lorenzo
    Finishing Move: Saving Souls (Tongan Death Grip)
    T.X. Forbes
    Finishing Move: Tax Time (Stalling Suplex Positioned Into A Piledriver)
    The Instant Replay Mikey Manson
    Finishing Move: Top Rope Brainbuster (Top Rope Brainbuster)

    Finishing Move: Dead On Arrival (Triangle Choke Submission)
    Brahma Vishnu
    Finishing Move: Observe The Creator (Triple German Suplex Followed By A Belly To Back Suplex)
    Finishing Move: 450 Press (450 Press)
    The Further

    Finishing Move: The Hereafter (Rear Naked Choke)

    Tag Teams/Stables:
    Hookers & Hoes (Professor Pimp Pimp Hurray & M.I.A.M.I.)
    Planet Of The Apes (Silverback Sean Davenport & Gorilla Gargan)
    The 3 Wisemen (Black Moses, Abdul Mohammed, & Brahma Vishnu)
    Guerreros Voladares (El Hijo Del Muerte & Apocalypto)
    Demon's Gate (Flint Brimstone, Leviathan, & The Further)
    The Internal Revenue Service (T.X. Forbes & Ari Fleischman)
    Instant Gratification (Johnny Flames & The Instant Replay Mikey Manson)
    The End Alls (The Tetsuo Virus & Flatline)

    IWL World Heavyweight Champion: Professor Pimp Pimp Hurray
    IWL Television Champion:
    Wayne Warren Williams
    IWL Tag Division Champions:
    The Internal Revenue Service (T.X. Forbes & Ari Fleischman)
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    *We get a nice shot of the IWL Ground Zero Arena here in Sacramento, CA. The crowd and building is reminiscent of the ECW arena and fan base. The crowd is going wild, because their favorite Indy league, has just been promoted to televised events. Now the world can see what has been building up as IWL's Ground Zero begins*

    Rusty: Hello everyone this is Rusty Hammond here, welcoming you to the first televised episode of IWL Ground Zero!! To the fans out here in the building this has been a local past time, but today of all days, we welcome you!!

    Truck: That is correct Rusty, we have been working hard, getting things ready for our debut to the world. Oh and for those that don't know, I’m Truck Traynor, former IWL Champion..

    Rusty: Who is retired.. Let's not forget that..

    Truck: It never fails *shaking his head*, you can’t let me get one accolade in without bringing in some negativity.

    Rusty: The only negativity here, is that you want to be recognized as a former champion, when it’s really about the roster working now. All respect due, but you were champion of a regional show, now we're syndicated across the world. This is a new game, new ball park.

    Truck: You're an asshole Rusty, always have been.. Now I’m not gonna deny the boys out back, but if I ever wanted to, I'd lace the Figure Four on the greatest we've got here just to show you that I’m still and always will be an IWL champion..

    Rusty: It’ll be a cold day in Hell, when that happens, but let’s move on to our first match up of the night..

    *Guerreros Voladares’ theme plays as the crowd goes wild. El Hijo Del Muerte and Apocalypto come out in their ancestral head dresses. El Hijo Del Muerte dons Aztec headgear over his signature black mask with a demonic face print in front. Apocalypto walks with his ancestral war paint and a Mayan crown. They rush into the ring and then climb opposite corners to work the crowd*

    Rusty: Guerreros Voladares, the Flying Warriors in English, are a high energy tag team that have a mixture of the high flying
    acrobatic stylings of Lucha Libre, mixed with stiff Japanese strikes and a Philadelphia Hardcore Edge. El Hijo Del Muerte is from Tijuana, Mexico and one of three sons in the Muerte wrestling family lineage. Apocalypto is of Guatemalan heritage but was raised all throughout Mexico, finally making his mark as a savage in the ring.

    Truck: The crowd loves when these two are in the ring. If I recall about a month ago, we had a house show here at this arena, Hijo vs Apocalypto. Oh it was an amazing match.

    Rusty: It surely was, Truck. Double knockout in the ring as they both smashed each other’s skulls in with chairs.

    Truck: Its what makes the IWL what it is. And I’m thinking the champs have a lot to chew when it comes to facing Guerreros Voladares. We might be seeing new champions on the very first match of Ground Zero. History could be made.

    Rusty: History is being made right now as we speak and we’re all a part of it.

    *The Internal Revenue Service step outside the curtains, the crowd is furious. Ari Fleischman, 6 foot 6, shaved head and built like a brickwall, black and white business attire and a goatee, looking like a rabid beast circling before the ramp area. T.X. Forbes, 6 foot 4, ginger as the Undertaker with a military cut flat top and a missing front tooth, carries a metal briefcase. Ari begins to scream at the top of the ramp, flexing like the Hulk, T.X. hits Ari with the briefcase as the cloud of smoke explodes over them simultaneously. They head down to the ring with a fierce verocity.*

    Truck: Everybody hates the IRS.

    Rusty: No one likes to pay the government or owe the government, Truck.

    Truck: I mean, they really hurt guys out there in the ring, we’ve lost a lot of talent from injuries after facing these two crazy
    bastards. A lot of people don’t like them backstage.

    Rusty: I see what you mean, but I know IWL fans have a bloodlust, and even though the IRS aren’t a fan favorite, one thing for sure is that they end careers.

    Truck: Exactly, they don’t hold those belts for no reason. Let’s see how this all pans out as these teams collide.

    Rusty: What a win for the champs!! It looked like they were going to lose to Guerreros Voladares, but it all changed in one fell swoop. Ari Fleischman with a finishing jumping piledriver off the top rope called “The Audit Drop” on Muerte, it ended it all as it landed on top of the laying carcass of Apocalypto.

    Truck: This is that fierce tenacity I’ve been talking about. These boys don’t care about sportsmanship, the IRS only want to hurt you. The gold is just an accolade to go alongside it all.

    Rusty: Yeah they are as cold and heartless as the actual IRS. T.X. Forbes, he’s a little more swift and psychological in the ring, but Ari’s pure brawn dominates all in the end. It looks like Guerreros Voladares have paid the taxmen.

    Truck: In pain..

    Rusty: Did you really just say in pain?? This is why I’m glad your retired..

    Truck: Fuck off Rusty.

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    Rusty: You got some talent in the ring, Truck. But you were never the best talker.
    Truck: I don’t need to talk, I handle my business in battle.

    Rusty: Point taken, but do you remember your infamous promo a few years back?
    Truck: Which one, I’ve done many promos.
    Rusty: Many horribly awkward promos. The time im speaking about is when you told Professor Pimp Pimp Hurray, if he ever thought about challenging you for your belt. That he better prepare to get his cock stretched out. *Laughs hysterically*
    Truck: I meant to say neck ..
    Rusty: It’s ok, Truck. As long as you know.. You and Promos = Horrible
    Truck: That’s fine as long as you know, your condescending commentary = my foot in your ass
    Rusty: Yeah you’re an old musclehead, you’re not as quick and limber as I am, so highly doubt that.. We’ll just have to take it to an interview from Arland Hebner with our champion, Professor Pimp Pimp Hurray and M.I.A.M.I.
    *We get a shot from the locker room area, our balding interviewer, Arland Hebner, is standing with IWL World Heavyweight Champion,Professor Pimp Pimp Hurray and M.I.A.M.I., Pimp Pimp has his Jheri Curl dripping on the shoulders of his white leather coat. He has this 80’s cocaine era look. M.I.A.M.I is very tan, dressed in his black leather coat, hair oily and slicked back like Razor Ramon *
    Hebner: Arland Hebner here, and I’m here with Hookers and Hoes, consisting of M.I.A.M.I and IWL World Heavyweight Champion, Professor Pimp Pimp Hurray.
    Pimp Pimp: I appreciate the introductions, mackin ass Arland Hebner. But see a pimp like myself needs no introduction. As even if you haven’t seen me in the ring, you have definitely seen me around your bitch. Oh and believe me fellas, you better handcuff her, cause if you don’t lock that bitch down, she might leave with a pimp’s hand for guidance. You see I don’t love these hoes, I just love this dough.. And whether it’s prostitution, noise pollution, or the wrestling solution, I pimp it all..
    Hebner: I can dig that, soul man.
    Pimp Pimp: Don’t ever do that again, Small Time.
    Hebner: My apologies, Pimp Pimp.. You’ve held the IWL title 4 times in the past 3 years, do you think your dominance will continue as the world opens up to the IWL??
    Pimp Pimp: My pimp hand is strong, it can never be broken..The only thing that breaks in my world are bitches, bones.. and banks..hehehe… You ever question me with some ass backwards shit like that again, and imma have learn ya one time with this back hand.. Im talking an Arthur Ash pimp slap on a Venus Williams type bitch..Im talking tennis swing to your face.. Wimbledon Cup and all that merry shit.. So of course my dominance is gonna continue, but I don’t chase it, it chooses me.. It knows that pimpin rules the world baby, I don’t have to win the title, because it’ll always come back to daddy, ya undadig that?
    Hebner: Understood, clearly.. And since I’m not much of a tennis player, im going to move on to, M.I.A.M.I, a former IWL TV Champion and World Heavyweight Champion, both won once.. The world wants to know what M.I.A.M.I means??
    M.I.A.M.I.: My Infamy Attracts My Income, you see for someone quite like myself, I attract the fame and limelight no matter what I do.. Im not the good guy, Im not Mr. Right, Im Mr. Wrong ladies!!! I don’t love you, I don’t need you, and Ill never believe you. But I’ll have you donating parts of your income to create my outcome.. I know yall hear that.. It’s the sound of Hookers and Hoes, you hear em anywhere we are.. But see game isn’t to be told, its only sold, so have your ticket when I headline the show.
    Hebner: I really like the riddles you speak in, you guys are both pretty sharp with the tongue. You got the whole 80’s vibe, Miami Vice 2012..
    M.I.A.M.I.: WHAT!??! My only vice is money, remember that.. Vice is for Vice cops and I don’t roll the dice when you talk about the oinkers.. That’s the opposite of what I’m doing.. Check this, you show me 1500 dollars, and ill have one of my bitches back here show you an ancient Chinese secret.. Because wrestling is cool, but pussy and cashola is what im all about.. Time is money, and im charging by the second, so you might as well get your rocks off while I collect..
    Hebner: You don’t have to tell me twice, can I stop at the bank?? *M.I.A.M.I. nods yes as he points an exotic Asian chick toward Arland Hebner* Back to Truck and Rusty, live from Ground Zero Arena..
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    *We pan back to the Ground Zero Arena with Truck and Rusty sitting at the commentary table*
    Rusty: How lucky is Hebner.. He gets first picks at a happy ending, and im stuck here for an hour with Truck.. I mean I guess if Truck stopped working out, he’d have tits..
    Truck: Shut…The… Fuck up already!! You truly disgust me,R usty.. You are the Tony Schiavone of IWL..
    Rusty: Well you’re a has-been..
    Truck: Better than a never have been..
    Rusty: Or my cock will be stretched out right?? HAHAHAHA
    Truck: Very funny, asshole.. It looks like our next match is along the way..

    *Black Moses steps out as the 3 Wisemen theme plays, he walks in a robe and sandals. His hair like wool and his beard long and broad.. The giant walks slowly to the ring as smoke fills the ramp area giving him the effect of floating slowly to the ringside, he steps inside spreads both arms out as they light flicker and freeze back on with him bowing his head.*
    Rusty: Black Moses, one of the 3 Wisemen. The group of three skilled veterans in IWL, all schooled in their respective religions, they have come together as one, bringing the best of each belief, into their new way of living. The 3 Wisemen, strike with the wrath of a god in the ring.. As they believe they each are blessed to be a vessel for God’s plan..
    Truck: Black Moses is one of the most difficult opponents I’ve ever faced.
    Rusty: That’s right, I forgot, you’ve never beaten him before in your career.
    Truck: 138 matches and not one win.. This is one experienced vet that never chased after gold and glory.. Just the lesson in his matches,and this goes out for each member of the Wisemen..
    Rusty: Well tonight, he’s going to face, Johnny Flames, The American Party Animal..

    *Johnny Flames steps out as smoke pours down in front of the curtain like a waterfall. Johnny walks under and begins to bang his head along with the music.. He has an Axl Rose look with the denim vest and jeans, long stringy hair and a bandana wrapped around like a headband.. He interacts with crowd as he plays air guitar alongside them.. Someone hands him a bottleof Tequila in the crowd, and he begins to drink it straight from the bottle..Half way through he pours it over his head and drenches himself in it, as he walks up the steps to enter the ring.. He then takes off the vest and lights it on fire, and spins it like a helicopter, he then repeatedly slams it to the floor until the flames are extinguished*
    Truck: “The American Party Animal” Johnny Flames, inebriated and ready to kick ass once again..
    Rusty: Win or lose, this guy loves to fight..
    Truck: You can’t forget he loves to drink, and has a knack for burning things..
    Rusty: IWL’s resident pyromaniac is ready for some in ring action tonight!!! If it wasn’t for burning things and the whole American Party Animal schtick, it almost seemed like we were introducing Fit Finlay..
    Truck: Has anyone ever told you that you look like George“The Animal” Steele??
    Rusty: Never, why do you think I do??
    Truck: No, I just wondered if anyone ever told you that..
    Rusty:*Shakes head* Let’s get back to this match between Black Moses and Johnny Flames..

    Truck: Hahahaha YES!!! The American Party Animal showed Black Moses what it means to be young, dumb and full of flames!!!

    Rusty: A modified Shining Wizard better yet known as the Solar Flare, crushed the face of Black Moses. Maybe you should’ve knee’d Mosesin the face during your infamous battles against him.. You might have that “W” under your belt..
    Truck: Oh I’ve knee’d him before, but not like that Solar Flare.. I might have to keep that in mind, just in case I might want to return as King..
    Rusty: Please don’t, we don’t even want you to return to Burger King.. Uh oh, it looks like Johnny Flames isn’t finished yet, he has Black Moses by the skull and it looks like he’s going to follow up with another Solar Flare.
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    *The lights go off for about half a minute and then flashb ack on with all 3 Wisemen in the ring. Abdul Mohammad and Brahma Vishnu stand in between Johnny Flames and Black Moses. Brahma Vishnu shakes his finger no towards Johnny, but The American Party Animal isn’t going to respect anyone’s rules as he rushes towards the two.. Immediately we see Johnny get snatched up into the air by both Vishnu and Mohammad into a Power Bomb position, the lights cut off for a couple seconds then back on, with Black Moses, no longer out cold on the floor, kneeling in front of the Power Bomb position.. A second later the two release Flames onto Moses’ knee, and what a brutal collision it was.. All 3 Wisemen stand above Johnny Flames, they bow their heads and begin to chant like monks.. The Instant Replay Mikey Manson runs down the ramp but the lights cut off and on again, with the 3 Wisemen nowhere in sight.. Mikey goes to tend to his comrade, and we cut back to Truck and Rusty , at the commentary table..*
    Truck: The tables have turned, the 3 Wisemen decimated Johnny Flames after his victory over Black Moses. One thing I can’t help but notice is that they warned him.
    Rusty: But Johnny Flames has no respect for anyone or anything besides his partner and his partying.
    Truck: It was the fact that he wanted to do more damage to Moses.. That bloodlust he shares with IWL Ground Zero Arena, flipped on him,because the 3 Wisemen don’t play that way. Now look at what happened to the winner of this match..
    Rusty: I could still hear the crunch sound from when Johnny’s neck and back crashed upon Moses’ Knee. It was a knee that defeated Moses in the match, and it was a knee that finished off Johnny after..
    Truck: Irony, it exists..
    Rusty: Yeah, I guess so.. I mean you’re one of the worst talkers in the business, yet you’re a commentator.. Its amazing how Irony works..
    Truck: Fuck off Rusty.. The main event is coming up and its going to be a big one..
    Rusty: A 3-Way dance for the IWL TV Title.. We have the champion, Wayne Warren Williams, up against The End Alls. Who both would love a chance to grab a hold of the coveted TV championship..
    Truck: You got both The Tetsuo Virus and Flatline, tag teammates, up against the champion Wayne Warren Williams. This looks more like a 2 on 1 handicapped match to me.
    Rusty: Somewhat, but what happens when Tetsuo and Flatline have to face each other to hold the gold.. This is where the handicap deteriorates..
    Truck: Yeah well we’ll see when this match begins..

    *The End Alls theme plays as both Tetsuo and Flatline step through the curtain slowly.. The Tetsuo Virus, has a Tajiri like look with the black loose pants, he has bronze spikey hair and wears black eye make up and contacts that are all white. Flatline wears a black mask with blood painted to look like they were coming out of the eye holes, he also wears the black eye make up and white eye contacts.. They walk slowly to the ring, intimidating the crowd as they walk into the ring, they stand in the middle and put their thumbs down as the crowd screams “Prepare The Execution!!”*
    Rusty: The End Alls: Flatline and The Tetsuo Virus, are a tag team hailing from the Japanese Isles, with their eyes set upon the IWL TV Championship, Warren Wayne Williams is going to face a 1-2 combination.
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    Truck: A 1-2 combination indeed, The Tetsuo Virus is a technical striker and Flatline is an agile submission machine. With their infamous signature move, Satsujin, where Flatline places the opponent into a chicken wing and begins to stretch and wear down the opponent until Tetsuo strikes an elbow to the sternum of the struggling weakened victim, followed by a double elbow drop by The End Alls, it’s an almost guaranteed game ender..
    Rusty: You can actually hear the wind being knocked out the opponent when that first elbow strikes.

    Truck: But we can’t forget Warren Wayne Williams has pulled out of some impossible situations..
    Rusty: Yeah but he never had to face both Flatline and The Tetsuo Virus at the same time.
    Truck: Bet your jealous Rusty, I know how bad you have a boner for Japanese wrestlers.
    Rusty: Oh now you’re the one with jokes..
    Truck: I got a few up my sleeve..
    Rusty: Well you still suck at speaking, and you never beat a guy who got beat today.. Yet, you’re a former IWL Heavyweight Champion, who can’t cut a promo, but can commentate a match?!?!?
    *Truck slaps Rusty with a backhand knife edge chop to the face*
    Truck: Anything else??
    *Rusty just stares at Truck while rubbing his face*
    Truck: Thought so..
    *Warren Wayne Williams theme plays as he jumps through the curtain and then jogs still at a steady pace. He raises his hands to the crowd and they go nuts. He stands at 6’1 but he’s 296lbs of pure athlete, he is reminiscent of a Marcus Cor Von, he wears red trunks and when he runs down the ramp,its like a rhinoceros rampaging at a truck as he clears the ring.. He throws the W’s in the air and howls at the crowd.*
    Truck: WWW.COM!! Warren Wayne Williams, former NFL fullback for the Baltimore Ravens, is ready to put on a show!! Aint that right, Rusty??
    Rusty is still rubbing his freshly chopped face, staring at Truck with eyes full of hatred*
    Truck: Oh now you can’t speak? All the shit you said earlier and now you can’t talk?? Start talking or im gonna show you the meaning of an open hand slap like my name was Pimp Pimp Hurray or Dr. D D Schultz.
    Rusty: *shakes off the attitude* Uh WWW.COM is not only his moniker since his football heyday, its also the name of his finisher, which he throws the opponent into the corner, rushes into their midsection with a spear then grabs their waist to finish it with a modified suplex.
    Truck: I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds..
    Rusty: Well its about to start right now..

    Rusty: What an amazing win for The Tetsuo Virus, we have a new IWL TV Champion!!
    Truck: Williams dominated the match, until The End Alls found a way to use the Satsujin..
    Rusty: Yeah but the Satsujin didn’t end the match, it didn’teven keep the former champion down for long. It was the fact that The Tetsuo Virus immediately connected two of his patented “Infected” roundhouse kicks to both Williams and Flatline.

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    *The Tetsuo Virus slithers out the ring with his title in hand. Almost a minute later both Williams and Flatline both get up and stand face to face, staring each other down.. Williams extends his hand as an offering of peace, thinking that Flatline might see the light since he was double crossed by his partner.. Flatline looks at the crowd and they scream yes!!Yes!! Yes!! They really want to see Flatline turn. Flatline looks confused at Williams’ hand, and then reaches for his hand. The crowd is loving it, we might see a new partnership at hand. Flatline then twists Williams wrist into an armscrew onto the mat. The triangle choke is next, which is Flatline’s D.O.A.f inisher. He is choking out Williams, as he frantically taps on the mat in submission.. Flatline will not let go of the hold as the former champion struggles on the floor to get circulation to his brain.. Officials are running in from backstage, they are trying to pull Flatline off of Williams, but to no avail.. We see Williams’ struggle for freedom and air, get slower and slower until he finally passes out. The officials are screaming at Flatline but he begins to pummel each of them out of his way till everyone is out cold. He then heads his way up the ramp to the backstage area, as we fade into the IWL logo to end the show.*
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    A fun read, the characters are unique and I liked a lot of the themes used. Good start
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    Quote Originally Posted by S.E. Zero View Post
    A fun read, the characters are unique and I liked a lot of the themes used. Good start
    Thanks for checkin it out brotha.. Im glad that you enjoyed it..


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