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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaz11 View Post
    I just had a random idea.

    So what if Damian Sandow did his usual thing and refused to take part in the MITB Ladder Match. And he found a replacement which turned out to be Wade Barrett.

    Doubt it would happen, but it was just an idea!
    I really like that idea. Barrett comes back and takes MITB. The Barrett Barrage begins again!!!

    Thanks For The Memories

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny Kaos View Post
    Sorry to be a pedant, but wasn't he WHC and not WWE Champion? I may be wrong, but pretty sure I'm right
    Yep. My bad.
    The Future of the WWE Women's Division: Brittani Knight AKA Paige!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerinaine View Post
    Yep. My bad.
    Its okay, I didn't know the rules to a handicap match til I did a similar screw up!

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    Well, you can now add Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler to the WHC MITB Ladder Match.

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