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    Big show as heel

    watching smackdown I did something I haven't really done for a while and that's watch someone cut a promo who's name isint CM Punk, Daniel or AJ. This promo was Big shows and man Big show can really cut a heel promo, he is great at drawing heat. I think this is a big reason Show is getting this push
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    that promo was good.
    however, i hate big show as heel and as face. he is boring iMO

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    I always thought Big Show was great as both. Although, his recent face run for the past few years has definetly been his best to date. He seemed faster in the ring to some degree, and cut great promos. But, to be honest, I HATE him now as a heel. The cage match with John Cena was one of the worst main events I've ever seen Big Show take part in. Show, leading up to the PPV match, kept talking about how he was going to absoultely ANNIHILATE Cena, prompting all of us fans to think he was gonna beat him down more-so or as equally as Brock did inside the cage. But the match turned out to be Big Show does as move...walks around the ring and looks at fans...Big Show does another move...walks around the ring and looks at fans....etc - etc. It was boring, Show was more concerned about garnering as much heat as he could during that match, than actually caring about the quality of the match itself. Booorriinngg!

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    Quote Originally Posted by christianfan View Post
    that promo was good.
    however, i hate big show as heel and as face. he is boring iMO
    my thoughts exactly.i honestly have never been a fan of show's.dont't know why but theres just some performers that don't catch my eye and he's on of them.i think he is a talented performer dont get me wrong.but not quite my cup of tea

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    I will give him credit that promo was fantastic!

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    Heel Big Show > face Big Show. There's no 2 ways about it. The big friendly giant thing just doesn't work right for him. Sure, he is a funny guy and he's great at interacting with the crowd, but when you're billed as 'The World's Largest Atchlete' then you should really be booked that way and made look that way.
    I'm enjoying Show's current heel run so far, and I'm glad that WWE are using it to draw in Clay into an actual storyline.
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    ANYTHING to wipe that big sooooooo phony grin off his face had to be an improvement. But how ridiculous is it he's still wearing a knit cap to the ring? Last I checked, it was this crazy annual event known as "summer" (and getting hotter by the day)--and it's not like anyone's rushing to the merch table to buy one. Especially now that he's a freakin' HEEL!--Stately

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    For Big show to have really gotten heat he should have beat John Cena at No Way Out to have given him some credibility, But no they didn't. He cuts heel promos pretty well but I would have loved to have a storyline where John Cena keeps getting laid out by the Big Show and eventually beaten..

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