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    Here's a very good complication video of Andrian Neville aka PAC.

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    Aww man, I loved this weeks episode. Plus the ending made me smile a little too hard. *throws on straw hat and walks away*

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    Ohno lost some teeth in his match with Xavier Woods at last night's NXT show at the Tampa training facility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLWWEFan View Post
    Ohno lost some teeth in his match with Xavier Woods at last night's NXT show at the Tampa training facility.

    Holy shit haha

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    And what of the Generico Luchador?

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    Just watched this week's episode.

    The opening with Paige, just awesome.

    I'm still not fond of Riley jobbing out to developmental talents. No disrespect to Graves, as I am enjoying his work so far, but Riley deserves a whole lot better than this and I feel that it made Riley look weak to tap out to a "minor league" guy. I feel that a WWE Superstar putting over these newer talents should be sold as a major upset, and the fact that main roster talent are presented simply as if they are just "one of the boys" bothers me. If you sell these guys as a threat, it will mean more when the NXT Superstars go over them.

    The tag team main event was solid. I know that Adrian Neville is the obvious standout of the team, but Oliver Grey managed to impress me with what limited offense he was allowed to get. Loved the post match interview and how they sold the victory as well.

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    Look at Memo's face in the background, lol!

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    The latest episode

    Good matches especially the Main Event!

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    -- NXT's Conor O'Brian said he plans to add new wrestlers to his Ascension movement. One fan suggested Corey Graves and Paige. He replied: "Two incredible choices."


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