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    I had high hopes for her too. Saw her matches with Paige and they where great. Her Gimmick was not too great would of liked her off just being a Guerrero. That was all she needed.......also seemed strange not to use the last name. Figured she didint want to make it cuz of her last name which is silly. She had the change to be the best (i think anyway plz prove me wrong if you can on this) female in her family.

    I would really like to know why she left tho. If it was to go onto something else...if she really didnt have her heart in it and was only her cuz of her last name then more power to her. But she may of have the Maxine thing where she felt she wasn't getting anywhere. Idk i just hope she goes somewhere and does something and does it well not matter what it is and who it is for (expect pron..,,,,). Just to honor her father who gave great joy to me watching him be him
    Yeah I didn't care for him current gimmick. I thought she was excellent when whe was acting as manager to The Ascension. She played the part really well and was sexy as hell too with that look. Nobody knows yet as to the real reason why she asked to be released.


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