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    The All New NXT!

    So the first episode of the new NXT has come and been!! What did everyone think of it? I think it looks great!

    We saw some exciting new talents including Bo Dallas, The Ascension (Connor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron), as well as a main event match between 2 guys in Tyson Kidd and Joe Henning who have proven that they can put on a great match together!
    We also got a first real look at Husky Harris' new gimmick; Bray Watt in a video package. I have to say, I can't wait to see that!
    We also got an exciting video package hyping Seth Rollins, who we'll see next week, can't wait for that!

    I think there's a lot of potential here, and I can't wait to tune into this show each week!

    Feel free to come here each week to discuss the new NXT! But in the mean time, what did everyone think of the debut show?

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    Haven't seen it yet :/ is it on youtube or something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krysys View Post
    Haven't seen it yet :/ is it on youtube or something?
    It is. Just type in 'wwe nxt 20/6/12' and you'll find that there's plenty of links there.

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    Im pumped for Seth and Watt! It actually has me wanting to watch, just to see how good they will be

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    This actually looks good. It has a great feel about it.

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    I already care about The Ascension 100 times more than any tag team in WWE currently. They seem like a really cool team in my opinion
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    The Ascension

    First off, been a while since i posted so sorry if in wrong place or anything.

    i love these guys!!! Epic entrance, stiff looking ring work and very good look but i feel they could do with a manager. Perhaps a new version of Paul Bearer?


    NXT is the best show out there !

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    They're great IMO. I really look forward to seeing them on the main roster as they'll really add something to the tag division.

    And you're right about the entrance. It's pretty epic to see it in a small arena on NXT, imagine how it'll be in a big arena on Raw or Smackdown!

    Also, I'm happy that Connor O'Brian has found his niche. I've always thought he was a good wrestler, but his rat gimmick? He was never going places with that.

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    i forgot all about that damn rat gimmick...glad that got dropped!!!

    the entrace on raw/sd would be awesome!!....i really hope they catch on big!

    NXT is the best show out there !

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    When I first saw them on NXT I was like "wow" very impressed as a tag team. But as Singles Wrestlers...NO! I think it's only best for them to stay as a Tag Team for life.

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!


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