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    3 TNA wrestlers going to NOAH

    Source: Puroresu Spirit(I'll post a link later but it is in their Facebook)

    "NOAH announced outside talents to be involved with the promotion in the month of July. There is an inclusion of 3 bigger names who are on TV here in the US. Samoa Joe, Brutus Magnus, and Christopher Daniels will be coming to the promotion. Not only for regular championship matches, but for full blown championship matches on the 'GREAT VOYAGE 2012 in RYOGOKU' on July 22nd."

    The matches are

    GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Title match: Akitoshi Saito and Jun Akiyama vs Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus

    GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title match: Kanemaru Yoshinobu vs Christopher Daniels

    *Special mention

    Super Crazy will get his second chance at the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team titles with Ricky Marvin.

    Personally, I AM looking forward for their matches. Especially their championship matches. This will be a fun tour. (A tour! They are not leaving TNA for NOAH! Making sure here )

    This takes me back to Samoa Joe vs Misawa Mitsuharu...


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