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    I don't care if I only make two belts, it is a matter of being able to create one not just color an existing one.
    The goofiest thing about this whole thing is that you can call a custom belt by a large number of combinations of names as if it were a completely custom title, but the belts are all existing belts from the present or past so it doesn't make much sense to call the belt by any other name other than what it actually is.

    It's like if you couldn't create a custom superstar... you can re-color the existing superstars and give them a different name, and have the announcer call them in under a different name but you know you just recolored Brodus Clay or whatever, regardless of what name you gave him. It's retarded.

    They should've at least put in a few custom belts to match the names you can have the announcer call them by.

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