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    Quote Originally Posted by Robareid View Post
    For those looking to youtube it, I'd assume it'll be up on Friday, as that's when it airs on Sky. Here's the hype for it:

    Jim Ross and William Regal present NXT. Matches include Tyson Kidd v Michael McGillicutty, The Ascension v Mike Dalton & CJ Parker and Rick Victor v Bo Dallas.
    There! No worries at all!

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    Just to let everyone that cares know,the new NXT is now on youtube. It's been uploaded by a few people, just search 'wwe nxt 20 6 12' and you'll find a choice of links to it.
    I'm going to watch now!

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    Watched the new episode of NXT, and I really enjoyed it. I am definitely looking forward to the next one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearkg88 View Post
    Watched the new episode of NXT, and I really enjoyed it. I am definitely looking forward to the next one.
    Tell ya what, I'll start a thread especially for the new NXT. I think it deserves it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason McQuitty View Post
    So is WWE done with NXT? I guess it's not a main show anymore. What I mean is if you go to and click shows....NXT has disappeared. It is no longer advertised with Raw, SD, and Superstars. So my question is, is NXT just the new name for FCW's show now. Meaning no longer will I get to watch it, unless I live in Florida where they will broadcast it. It is like NXT never existed on now. No more nxt on wed???? without saying goodbye???? or warning???? last weeks show said new nxt next week.....not "no more nxt for you".
    If anyone can shed a bit of light on this for me, I would appreciate it. I'm gonna miss my NXT today wish they would of let me know.
    Its a "Brand" other words its like FCW but it's for them to improve and move on to RAW or SD!

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!


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