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    Can't wait for the new NXT episode

    After Wrestlemania it was thought many of the developmental talent at FCW would be called up to either Raw or Smackdown. One or two have made an appearance. Sandow being the intellectual saviour to the masses, Ryback being the human wrecking ball to all indie jobbers, and Antonio Cesaro showing us his deadly lip lock on Aksana!

    Other than these 3 (feel free to bring me to task if I have missed anyone out) the rosters on both Raw and Smackdown are virtually the same as they have been for the past year. There is an old saying: familiarity breeds contempt! Now don't get me wrong, I feel the actual match QUALITY in the WWE is of a decent standard. I have recently enjoyed the many battles between Sheamus and Ziggler, Bryan and CM Punk. But thats the problem. These 4 have had many, MANY battles. These guys seem to have great chemistry with one another and put on great matches, but too much of the same thing, from a personal point of view, can make things that little bit stale. I'll put it this way. I love pasta. One of my favourite meals, but if I had it every day I would soon get sick of it. The WWE need new faces to shake up Raw and Smackdown...thank GOD for NXT!

    I watched the 1st episode of the new season of NXT online and was blown away. It had an indie feel to it. It looked fresh, less storyline driven and more wrestling based. The commentary team of Regal and JR called the matches without mentioning what was trending on twitter every 5 minutes and actually called the holds and put over ALL talents in the ring (take not Cole and Lawler!). I really look forward to watching how the talent on NXT grows over the up coming weeks, cos to me there is no doubt a fair few plying their craft on that show are the FUTURE of WWE. People like Bo Dallas, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt (Waylon Mercy's long lost nephew?), Richie Steamboat. Hell, even Tyson Kidd and Michael Mcgillicutty were given more than 3 minutes and put on a clinic. Given the chance to shine I truly feel the vast majority of NXT could and SHOULD be put onto Raw and Smackdown to breathe much needed life into these predictable, tired programmes. Add new feuds and new blood in the mix and the WWE could well thrive're welcome

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    Paige will be on there too!


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